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    Here Are 31 TV Moments That Unexpectedly Made People Emotional

    "I thought The Haunting of Hill House was just going to be a scary show, instead I ended up bawling my eyes out."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV moment unexpectedly made them sob. Here are some of the best.

    There are also some MAJOR spoilers ahead!

    1. When Meredith felt her baby kick for the first time on Grey's Anatomy.


    "This is a really small scene in the grand scheme of Grey's Anatomy, but I was so emotional. Meredith had lost so much and the fact that she was finally experiencing something happy made me cry. Her gasp of surprise and relief gets me every time."


    2. On The Office, when Michael showed up at Pam's art show and bought her painting.


    "After watching everyone make fun of Pam's art, I wasn't expecting Michael to go support her and buy her painting. It was one of Michael's most redeeming moments on the show too."


    3. On This Is Us, when Kevin bribed Kate's crush with candy so he would go in the haunted house with her.


    "Kevin and Kate just love each other so much and this tiny moment had me bawling."


    4. On Schitt's Creek, when Moira was so happy for David while Patrick was serenading him.

    Pop / CBC

    "Patrick singing to David was emotional, but once Moira touched David's shoulder, I was a goner. It always makes me cry."


    5. When President Bartlet gave Charlie the knife on The West Wing.


    "Bartlet giving Charlie the knife that has been passed down for generations hit me right in the feels. It just showed how proud of Charlie he was."


    6. On Parks and Rec, when April and Andy got married.


    "It was kind of a silly wedding, but it was so sweet. I legit sob every time I watch it and my husband thinks it's hilarious."


    7. When Elena officially chose Damon over Stefan on The Vampire Diaries.

    The CW

    "I always wanted Elena to be with Damon, but watching Stefan's heart literally break made me an emotional wreck. I literally cried myself to sleep."


    8. On One Tree Hill, when Brooke couldn't tell Glenda's mom that she was okay during the school shooting because Brooke didn't know who she was.

    The CW

    "The entire school shooting episode was emotional, but Brooke not knowing who Glenda was wrecked me. Sophia Bush is such an incredible actress and really sold this scene."


    9. When Annalise Keating argued in front of the Supreme Court on How to Get Away With Murder.


    "When she was spitting all those facts about how broken, racist, and prejudiced the judicial system is, I lost it. Everything she was saying is so true that I just started crying."


    10. When Nell gave her speech in the Red Room on The Haunting of Hill House.


    "I thought The Haunting of Hill House was just going to be a scary show, instead I ended up bawling my eyes out during Nell's speech about confetti. I was not prepared."


    11. When Chandler convinced Erica to let him and Monica adopt her baby on Friends.


    "Chandler saying 'she’s a mother without a baby' broke me. I cry every single time I watch this scene."


    12. When Damon and Helena embraced after his dance audition on Pose.


    "After Damon finished his impromptu dance audition and shared that quick nonverbal moment with the dean, I just lost it."


    13. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Jake proposed to Amy during the Halloween heist.


    "I totally didn’t see Jake's proposal coming and as soon as the camera showed him down on one knee, I was an absolute mess. It was such a beautiful and happy moment."


    14. When Elena's dad didn't show up to dance with her at her Quinceañera on One Day at a Time.


    "I don’t usually watch this show, but I came home one night and my sister was watching, so I joined her. I ended up bawling watching the entire Quinceañera scene. It broke my heart watching Elena stand there looking for her dad."


    15. When Alexis told Ted that she loved him on Schitt's Creek.

    Pop / CBC

    "I was not expecting to cry as much as I did when Alexis told Ted that she loved him. It just showed how much Alexis had grown as a character."


    16. When Hannah asked June why she didn't come find her on The Handmaid's Tale.


    "I wasn't expecting Hannah to have such a powerful line."


    17. When Dawn's classmates watched Buffy tell her about their mom's death on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Warner Bros.

    "'The Body' is one of the saddest episodes of TV ever, but the part where the kids in Dawn's class watched her finding out about her mom's death and we heard nothing devastated me. The silence was so piercing and hit me really hard. It was so simple and raw."


    18. When Cheryl came out to Toni on Riverdale.

    The CW

    "This was a very meaningful and beautiful scene, especially for any of us in the LGBT community who have felt like we're wrong for being ourselves. I cried over Cheryl's story and I wasn't expecting her to come out in this episode."


    19. When Ted went to the Mother's door and wished he had more time with her on How I Met Your Mother.


    "Ted saying that he just wanted the extra 45 days with the Mother wrecked me. I wasn't expecting Ted Mosby to make me cry so much."


    20. On Parks and Rec, when Ron told Leslie the reason that he was mad at her.


    "Parks and Rec was always such a funny show, so I wasn't expecting that Ron's reason for being mad at Leslie was so sad and serious. The scene was incredibly touching and encapsulated the heart of the show."


    21. When Rory worked in Richard's study after he died on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

    Netflix / Warner Bros.

    "Rory looking at Richard's desk was such a small moment, but a poignant one. I needed to pause the show and take a couple deep breaths. Their relationship was so special."


    22. When Hershel smiled at Rick right before he died on The Walking Dead.


    "Hershel's smile after Rick's big speech broke me. He was so proud of him."


    23. On New Girl, when Cece and Schmidt got married.


    "The first time I watched Cece and Schmidt's wedding I ended up bawling. It was just so sweet and romantic."


    24. On Marvel's Runaways, when Molly and the gang held a memorial for Graciela at the homeless park.


    "When all the strangers in the camp joined The Runaways at the impromptu funeral, I was a mess. That shared pain and solidarity in losing a loved one in a community of people who were visibly suffering just really struck me. It was so moving and unexpected."


    25. When the Tenth Doctor regenerated into the Eleventh on Doctor Who.

    BBC America

    "I wasn't expecting the Tenth Doctor's final words, so I started bawling as soon as he said them. I wasn't prepared."


    26. On Outlander, when Claire returns home after Faith died.


    "I thought I had cried all of my tears when Faith actually died, but seeing Claire come home without her baby made me emotional. All of the house staff crying as she walked inside did me in."


    27. When Owen told Cristina that she killed their baby on Grey's Anatomy.


    "The look on Cristina’s face was absolutely devastating. She looked so betrayed and destroyed. This moment hit me harder than some big Grey's Anatomy moments."


    28. When Marcia arrived in court with her new perm on The People vs. O.J. Simpson.


    "This was so heartbreaking, but also incredibly relatable. This wasn't the moment I thought I was going to cry during, but it happened."


    29. On Jane the Virgin, when Jane learned that Michael had died.

    The CW

    "Jane finding out that Michael died hit me right in the feels. I was so in shock that he died, I didn't cry right away, but seeing Jane's face destroyed me."


    30. When Rebecca sang "You Stupid Bitch" on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

    The CW

    "I don't really cry at TV, but when Rebecca sang 'You Stupid Bitch,' I was a mess. Although it was very funny, it was also so relatable."


    31. And finally, when Arya called the Hound by his first name on Game of Thrones.


    "This DESTROYED me! She saw him as a human being when so many never had. I was a mess."


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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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