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Which TV Characters Should've Gotten A Happy Ending But Didn't?

We deserved to see Billy's redemption arc on Stranger Things.

Listen, there are a ton of amazing TV characters out there, and every single one of them deserves the very best.

But has one of your favorite characters not gotten a happy ending, even though they totally should have?

Joseph Morgan as Klaus from "The Originals"

Maybe you think Bonnie was the greatest character on The Vampire Diaries, and the fact that she didn't get her happy ending with Enzo makes you so mad.

Enzo telling Bonnie: "I fell in love with a human who makes me feel alive."

Perhaps you think Glenn from The Walking Dead should've survived Negan's attack because he was the only good character on the show.

Maybe, no matter how long it has been, you'll never forgive Grey's Anatomy for killing off Lexie and Mark because they should've grown old together.

Mark telling Lexie they are meant to be before Lexie dies after the plane crash

Heck, perhaps you are someone who hated the series finale of How I Met Your Mother because Tracy, aka “the Mother,” didn't deserve to die.

So tell us which TV character definitely should've gotten a happy ending and WHY in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!