31 TV Characters Whose First Scenes And Last Scenes Were Simply Iconic

    Damon Salvatore's first and last lines are perfect.

    🚨Warning: There are obviously massive spoilers ahead🚨

    1. First, on Grey's Anatomy, when Cristina and Meredith first met at Seattle Grace, and then when Cristina said goodbye to Meredith.

    2. When Rachel entered Central Perk in her wedding dress, and then when she suggested they get coffee one last time on Friends.

    3. On The Vampire Diaries, when Damon went from fighting with Stefan to being thrilled to see him again.

    4. On The O.C., when Marissa met Ryan for the first time, and then when she died in his arms.

    5. When Jess annoyed Winston while he was sleeping, and then when Winston pranked Jess on New Girl.

    6. On Gilmore Girls, when Lorelai couldn't stop talking while asking for coffee, and then when she was utterly speechless after Rory announced she was pregnant.

    7. When Walter went from frantically driving the RV to saving Jesse and dying on Breaking Bad.

    8. When Taystee met Piper for the first time in the showers, and then when she set up the Poussey Washington Fund on Orange Is the New Black.

    9. On Parks and Rec, when Leslie was excited about working in government, and then when she was excited about the future.

    10. On Lost, when Jack woke up in the jungle, and then when he was dying in the exact same position.

    11. When the Evil Queen interrupted Snow and Charming's wedding, and then when she was thrilled to get a happy ending on Once Upon a Time.

    12. When Nell was afraid of the Bent-Neck Lady, and then when she told her family she loved them on The Haunting of Hill House.

    13. When Olivia was on her way to fix a problem, and then when she was on her way to see Fitz on Scandal.

    14. When Ted helped Marshall practice his proposal to Lily, and then when he surprised Robin on How I Met Your Mother.

    15. On Grey's Anatomy, when Lexie met Derek in the bar, and then when she died during the plane crash.

    16. When Mindy went from having a crush on Tom to having her hand stuck in a vending machine on The Mindy Project.

    17. When Fleabag went from hooking up with a guy she kind of liked to admitting she loved the Hot Priest on Fleabag.

    18. When Michael offered to teach Jim his ways, and then when he was proud everyone had grown up on The Office.

    19. When Daenerys was preparing for her wedding, and then when she was stabbed by Jon Snow on Game of Thrones.

    20. On The Walking Dead, when Glenn went from helping Rick escape some walkers to saying goodbye to Maggie before he died.

    21. When Brooke admired Lucas for beating Nathan, and then when she reminded everyone to live in the moment on One Tree Hill.

    22. On Doctor Who, when the Tenth Doctor regenerated and then when he disappeared.

    23. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Buffy was stressing about slaying vampires alone, and then when she had an entire team to help her.

    24. On Orphan Black, when Sarah was shocked to learn she had a clone, and then when she was finally happy surrounded by her sisters.

    25. On Shadowhunters, when Clary bumped into Jace for the first time, and then when she remembered him after losing her memories.

    26. When Stiles scared the shit out of Scott, and then when Scott was proud to have Stiles by his side on Teen Wolf.

    27. On Jane the Virgin, when Jane went from loving her family, God, and grilled cheese to loving all of those things plus Rafael.

    28. On This Is Us, when Jack was in his birthday suit for Rebecca, and then when he joked with her one last time.

    29. On Friday Night Lights, when Coach Taylor went from walking onto the football field for the first time to when he left with Tami.

    30. When Bob went from making out with Joyce to sacrificing himself to save her on Stranger Things.

    31. And finally, on The 100, when Lexa pretended to be a prisoner, and then when she left Clarke so that she could save her.

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