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37 TV Character Deaths That Were So Heartbreaking, Sad, And Shocking This Year That We're Still Not Over Them

Grey's Anatomy still knows how to deliver a death that'll make me sob for hours.

There are obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead for a lot of TV shows.

1. First, on WandaVision, when Vision died (again) after Wanda decided to take down the Hex.

Wanda and Vision telling each other they'll say hello again before Vision disappears
Marvel / Disney+

2. On Lucifer, when Dan was murdered by Vincent Le Mec after Michael arrived on Earth and wanted to destroy Lucifer.

Dan asking Chloe to tell Trixie he loves her and then Trixie crying in the hospital after finding out Dan died

3. On Grey's Anatomy, when DeLuca heartbreakingly died after tracking down Opal, a woman who was human trafficking teenage girls.

Carina screaming for help after DeLuca gets stabbed and then DeLuca seeing his mom on a beach

4. On Mare of Easttown, when Zabel was shot and killed after he and Mare arrived at Wayne Potts' house and found Katie and Missy.

Mare saying "Zabel" before he's shot

5. On For All Mankind, when Gordo and Tracy sacrificed themselves and went onto the surface of the moon in duct tape suits in order to save everyone on the US moon base.

Tracy and Gordo saying they love each other and then seeing their bodies wrapped in duct tape
Apple TV+

6. On Squid Game, when Ali found out that Sang-woo stole his marbles and he didn't get to make it to the next round.

Ali opening his marble bag and finding rocks

7. And on Squid Game, when Ji-yeong let Sae-byeok win the marble game and she simply thanked Sae-byeok for playing with her.

Ji-yeong telling Sae-byeok "Thank you for playing with me"

8. Also on Squid Game, when Sang-woo stabbed and killed Sae-byeok before the final game started.

Gi-Hun screaming Sae-byeok's name and holding her body

9. On The Handmaid's Tale, when Alma and Brianna were hit by a train and were just inches from escaping Aunt Lydia and Gilead with June and Janine.

The Handmaid's running down a road towards the train tracks

10. On Money Heist/La Casa de Papel, when Tokyo died while all of her friends escaped, but at least she took down Gandía in the process.

Tokyo and Rio saying goodbye

11. On It's a Sin, when Ritchie, Jill, Ash, and Roscoe visited Colin in the hospital after he was diagnosed with AIDS, and then he sadly died.

Colin saying "I always fancied you. Did you not know?"

12. On Station 19, when a house close to Dean exploded and despite Jack and Ben trying to resuscitate him, Dean died on the way to Grey Sloan.

Miller lying on the ground and Ben crying while giving him CPR in an ambulance

13. On You, when literally everyone was stunned after Love killed Natalie in the basement of her new bakery.

Love telling Joe they need to go to couples therapy and standing over Natalie's body

14. And on You, when Joe drugged and killed Love before she could do the same to him.

Exile by Taylor Swift playing as Joe drags Love's body

15. On Loki, when Classic Loki sacrificed himself to Alioth so Sylvie and Loki could escape.

Classic Loki shouting "Glorious purpose"
Marvel / Disney+

16. On The Underground Railroad, when Cora found out from Ridgeway that Caesar was killed by a racist mob.

Caesar telling Cora to be brave and Ridgeway explaining how Caesar was ripped apart
Amazon Prime Video

17. On Pose, when Pray Tell gave Ricky his medication and reconnected with his biological mother, all before dying and asking that his ashes are spread between Blanca and the rest of his chosen family.

Ricky crying over Pray Tell's body and sitting with him in bed

18. On Only Murders in the Building, when Season 1 ended with Oliver and Charles walking in on Mabel standing over Bunny's dead body.

Mabel covered in blood and saying "It's not what you think. I just opened the door and she stumbled in on me"

19. On On My Block, when Oscar was tragically shot in his and Cesar's front yard just before he was going to leave town.

Cesar pleading with Oscar as he holds his body and saying "Not my brother"

20. And on On My Block, when Abuelita died peacefully after Ruby, Jamal, Cesar, Monsé, and Jasmine left for prom.

Ruby's parents telling him that Abuelita is gone

21. On The White Lotus, when Armond was stabbed by Shane in his hotel room during the season finale.

Shane swearing after he stabs Armond and he falls in the tub

22. On The Resident, when Conrad made the decision to take Nic off life support after a car accident left her brain-dead.

Conrad taking off Nic's wedding ring as she's wielded to an operating room

23. On The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, when Karli accidentally killed Lemar during a fight with John Walker, Bucky, and Sam.

John holding Lemar's body as Bucky, Sam, and Karli watch
Marvel / Disney+

24. And on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, when Karli was shot by Sharon, while Sam tried everything to try and save her.

Karli telling Sam "I'm sorry" before she dies
Marvel / Disney+

25. On Shameless, when the series ended with Frank dying from a combination of alcohol-related dementia and COVID-19.


26. On Invincible, when Nolan ambushed the Guardians of the Globe and killed them in literally the very first episode of the series.

Nolan covered in blood and standing over the bodies of the Guardians of the Globe
Amazon Prime Video

27. On Midnight Mass, when Riley rowed Erin to the middle of the water, revealed what he'd become, and then burned up in the sun.

Riley telling Erin he loves her and he did his best before he burns up in the sun and Erin screams

28. And on Midnight Mass, when everyone on Crockett Island, except for Leeza and Warren, burned up in the sun after being turned by the Angel.

Erin saying "There is no death. Life is a dream"

29. On The Blacklist, when Liz was so close to finding out Red's true identity, only to be killed by Neville's right-hand man.

Liz telling Red she can't kill him before she's shot

30. On Sweet Tooth, when Sweet Tooth came home and found out that Pubba sadly died.

Sweet Tooth calling Pubba's name and shaking him while he's in a chair

31. On The Morning Show, when Mitch was in a car accident and died in Italy moments after Alex visited him for the first time.

Paola telling Alex that Mitch loved her and Alex starts crying
Apple TV+

32. On 9-1-1: Lone Star, when Charles shockingly died and Tommy tried to save him, but it was too late.

Tommy on the phone with first responders saying that Charles is already dead and introducing herself

33. On Clickbait, when Nick's death sent everyone down a wild chase to find out who really killed him.

Roshan telling Sophie they found Nick's body

34. On NCIS, when it was suddenly revealed that Emily, Tobias's daughter, died of a drug overdose.

Tobias telling Gibbs "I went to her room and there she was. A bottle of pills on her nightstand"

35. On Fear the Walking Dead, when Dakota shot and killed John after he found out she murdered Cameron.

John falling in the water, bleeding, and saying "It's not too late"

36. On Dopesick, when Betsy heartbreakingly overdosed even after agreeing to see an addiction specialist with Samuel.

Betsy having a needle injected into her arm

37. And finally, on The Baby-Sitters Club, when Mimi passed away in her sleep and Claudia learned about grief and loss.

Mimi saying goodbye and Claudia explaining how her grief feels horrible

We can't fit everyone into one post, so tell us which other TV character deaths in 2021 you're still thinking about in the comments below!

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