27 TV Actors Who Were Only In One Episode, But Were Extremely Memorable As Their Characters

    Carrie Fisher's episode of 30 Rock remains one of the funniest TV episodes of all time.

    Some of my favorite TV episodes often include when an actor guest stars and absolutely knocks it out of the park. While sometimes guest stars become so popular they return for multiple episodes, I always find it impressive when they only appear in one episode and make a lasting impression. So, here are some of the very best actors who starred in ONE episode of a TV show and were so memorable:

    Warning: In order to show some of their very best scenes, there are spoilers in the photos ahead!

    1. First, Grace Van Dien as Chrissy Cunningham on Stranger Things

    Chrissy: You know, you're not what I thought you'd be like. Eddie: Mean and scary? yeah, well I actually kinda thought you'd be kinda mean and scary too. Chrissy: me?

    2. Sterling K. Brown as Philip Davidson on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Phillip being interogated and answering that he was in a taxi watching jimmy fallon highlights and amy adams was the guest

    3. Patty Guggenheim as Madisynn on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

    Madisynn on the witness stand saying, at first it was fun then it was scary then fun again the spooky but in a fun way

    4. Bruce A. Young as Tom Maynard on Grey's Anatomy

    Tom's character in the hospital hugging another patients in a neck brace saying that the do believe in heaven

    5. Sarah Paulson as young Dr. Ellis Grey on Grey's Anatomy

    character: Dr. Gray, looking beautiful as ever. Dr Gray: Flattery will not get you to an on-call room in 5 minutes or less

    6. Carey Mulligan as Sally Sparrow on Doctor Who

    Sally watching a TV ad that's saying, don't turn your back don't look away and dont blink good luck

    7. Randall Park as Steve, aka Asian Jim Halpert, on The Office

    Steve: Good morning, Dwight. Dwight: Who are you? Steve: Who am I? I'm Jim, we've been working together for 12 years

    8. Nanna Blondell as Lady Laena Velaryon on House of the Dragon

    Lady Laena encountering a dragon

    9. Chloe Fineman as Sylvia Plath on Dickinson

    Sylvia: there was a book published years ago that caused such the scandal it almost didn't get published because the author says that Emily Dickinson was a lesbian

    10. Carrie Fisher as Rosemary Howard on 30 Rock

    Rosemary: You're gonna kill me aren't you? Liz: um, you are my heroine and by that i mean lady hero .i dont wanna inject you and listen to jazz

    11. Marlon Wayans as Lou on Bel-Air

    Lou: I didn't come here to be disrespected. Will: You ain't earn no respect. Lou: You're the one who came looking for me remember?

    12. Lin-Manuel Miranda as Guillermo on Modern Family

    Guillermo the dog trainer saying, when she is good she gets a doggie treat. Gloria: Brilliant! We're going to be rich. Guillermo: There you have it. The good Doggie, Bad Doggie training system. welcome to the ground floor

    13. Hilarie Burton as Lucille Smith on The Walking Dead

    Lucille saying that her partner needs to stay with her because the doctor didn't say that they would make it

    14. Laura Dern as Susan on Ellen

    Laura's character hugging ellen after she announces she's gay

    15. Michelle Trachtenberg as Diane Turner on Criminal Minds

    Diane holding a gun to a hostage's head and saying, You never wanted me, you lied

    16. Brian Tyree Henry as Ricky on This Is Us

    Ricky: Oh man, you pay me back with a notebook full of platinum records. That's how you pay me back. You really got a gift. you know that? You see something you want, you don't look away, you go get it. you hear me, cuz?

    17. Bea Arthur as Mrs. White on Malcolm in the Middle

    Mrs. White dancing in the kitchen singing a song and then an ambulance coming to get her

    18. Dolly Parton as Agnes on Grace and Frankie

    Agnes meeting the two characters in heaven saying, I'm not the almighty. Hardly. I"m agnus. Just a working-class angel

    19. Tim Curry as Nigel St. Nigel on Psych

    Tim yelling after being told that his meal is poisoned

    20. Stephanie Beatriz as Pilar on One Day at a Time

    Pilar announcing she's jewish and saying she converted for her wife and a teen replying, "ohhh, i see what you did there you got lesbian jokes

    21. Ferdinand Kingsley as Hob Gadling on The Sandman

    hob waiting for someone and finally saying, you're late

    22. Andy Samberg as Carl the Park Ranger on Parks and Rec

    Carl saying, I'm going to show you a log i found thats got like 50 worms on it. then he looks into the camera and says, I've always been a bit of an outdoorsman. But if there's any criminals out there watching, i never get tired. and ladies, too

    23. Dylan O'Brien as The Guy on New Girl

    man and woman half clothed stuck inside a playground asking a kid to get a grown up for help and saying, sir we tried to make love on the bench but there was a man there

    24. Lisa Kudrow as Hypatia on The Good Place

    hi are you hypatia of alexandria? then hypatia smiles and says, yep! how's it hanging?

    25. Robin Williams as Merritt Rook on Law & Order: SVU

    in a dark room Merritt says, you have no idea what ive suffered

    26. Carol Burnett as Bridget "Birdie" Sulloway on Law & Order: SVU

    Bridget: My chet would not cross his aunt birdie. Chet: I didin't want to tell them. they made me do it. Bridget: We all do what we have to do, dear

    27. And finally, James Earl Jones as himself on The Big Bang Theory

    James and Sheldon having a fun night out having dinner, going on the ferris wheel and then doing karaoke

    We can't fit everyone into one post, so which other actors who only appeared in ONE episode are the best and why? Tell us in the comments below!