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10 Hilarious Tweets And 13 Funny Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Describe You And Your BFF

"My best friend isn't allowed to stop being my best friend — they know too much."

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1. Every friendship has an inside joke that's ~hysterical~ to you and nobody else: / Via

2. After all these years, you and your BFF share the same mind, body, and soul:

when you and your best friend say something at the same time

Twitter: @ReactionBeyonce / Via Twitter: @ReactionBeyonce

3. When you're without your best friend and shit hits the fan: / Via

4. When you always have your best friend's back, no matter the situation: / Via

5. Knowing that in this situation you are most definitely NOT the third wheel:

when your best friend gets a boyfriend

Twitter: @tinatbh / Via Twitter: @tinatbh

6. When you're fiercely protective of your best friend and will fight anyone who hurts them: / Via

7. When you let your best friend see the real you: / Via

8. Sometimes you and your BFF just need to vent:

When you and your best friend start complaining about the dumbest thing ever.

Twitter: @Justwyrd / Via Twitter: @Justwyrd

9. You've probably never realized how true this is until now: / Via

10. When you and your BFF spend every waking moment together and people start to wonder....but you really DGAF: / Via

11. When your best friend is more thorough than the FBI:

When you ask your best friend to approve of the guy you're talking to

Twitter: @FunnySayings / Via Twitter: @FunnySayings

12. Everyone has a best friend that always takes you on crazy adventures: / Via

13. Real friendship is doing everything together — but also absolutely nothing together: / Via

14. The difference between a friend and a ~best~ friend: / Via

15. When you and your best friend end up not having class together:

When you're walking down a hall and walk past your best friends class

Twitter: @DaRealKingCoopa / Via Twitter: @DaRealKingCoopa

16. When your best friend finds new friends and doesn't inform you: / Via

17. When you realize your BFF knows literally everything about you:

my bestfriend isn't allowed to stop being my bestfriend, the bitch knows too much

Tumblr: @TheTumblrPosts / Via Twitter: @TheTumblrPosts

18. This happens anytime you and your BFF come up with a "foolproof" plan:

19. This accurate depiction of you trying to get any homework done with your best friend:

Friend: what are you doing? Me: studying Friend: you won't believe what I just heard Me:

Twitter: @Dory / Via Twitter: @Dory

20. If you're going to go crazy, your BFF has to go crazy too:

When you and your friend decide to spiral together

Twitter: @blackmon / Via Twitter: @blackmon

21. In fact, your fate together is sealed so you might as well enjoy the ride:

@jpbrammer Getting to hell and spotting your best friends

Twitter: @louisvirtel / Via Twitter: @louisvirtel

22. This accurate representation of reuniting with your BFF after a long time: / Via

23. And finally, you know your best friend was sent to you by some higher power:

Twitter: @SincerelyTumblr / Via Twitter: @SincerelyTumblr

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