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25 Times Tom Holland And Zendaya Were Goofy, Chaotic, And Simply Adorable Together Behind The Scenes

Tom Holland mimicking Zendaya's laugh is adorable and perfect.

1. First, when Tom Holland and Zendaya epically competed against each other on Lip Sync Battle, and it was truly one of the greatest moments ever.

Zendaya raining dollar bills on Tom, and then Zendaya looking stunned while Tom dances
Spike / Via

And here's their full performances because it's an excuse to watch them yet again:

View this video on YouTube

Spike / Via

2. And then, when Zendaya playfully called Tom out for going too hard on Lip Sync Battle.

Zendaya revealing that Tom said they would keep it chill and she didn't see the rain or wardrobe change coming
LADbible TV / Via

3. When Zendaya could not stop laughing after Tom accidentally called quizzes "quizzies."

Zendaya laughing and repeating "Quizzies"
BuzzFeed / Via

4. And then, when Zendaya went from calling Tom "sweetheart" to "idiot" in five seconds flat.

Zendaya saying "Oh, sweetheart" and "You're an idiot" to Tom
BuzzFeed / Via

5. When Tom (and Zendaya) were 99.9% certain that it wasn't actually Tom's body on the Spider-Man: No Way Home posters.

Zendaya saying she knows "your abs" while looking at Tom on the poster
Cineworld Cinemas / Via

6. When Tom called Zendaya, "My MJ," in an adorable birthday post.

7. And then, when she called him, "My Spider-Man," in a post congratulating him on Spider-Man: No Way Home.

8. When they recreated how their height difference makes Spider-Man swinging MJ hilariously complicated.

Tom explaining how he's the superhero, he should look cool, but instead Zendaya would catch him
BBC Two / Via

9. When Zendaya adorably made fun of an old clip of Tom singing a song from Billy Elliot.

Zendaya mimicking Tom singing "Billy Elliot"
On Demand Entertainment / Five / Via

10. When Tom paused an interview to watch Zendaya arrive at the Los Angeles premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Tom watching Zendaya and saying, "I think Zendaya just showed up"
Entertainment Tonight / Via

And then right after when they posed together on the red carpet.

Tom in a black suit and Zendaya in a tan spider print dress
Amy Sussman / Getty Images


11. When she was super impressed with his ability to do the Spider-Man web shooter move.

Zendaya telling Tom he's really good at it and then looking him in the eyes and saying, "Oooh"
Backstage OL / Via

Like, really impressed.

Backstage OL / Via

12. When Zendaya explained her greatest fear: Tom throwing up while wearing the Spider-Man mask and suit.

Zendaya saying she's worried about what would happen and how Tom would "get it out" if he had to throw up while wearing the Spider-Man suit
BBC Two / Via

Like, she's been worried since 2019, and probably even before then.

It’s a valid concern

@Zendaya / Via Twitter: @Zendaya

13. When they danced together alongside dancer Deja Carter way back in 2016.

Tom, Deja, and Zendaya dancing in their sweatpants
@dejacarter / YouTube / Via

You can watch them crush the dance below:

View this video on YouTube

@dejacarter / YouTube / Via

14. When Tom hyped Zendaya up at the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere.

Tom lunging and spreading his arms out wide towards Zendaya
Ian West / PA Images via Getty Images


15. When Tom spotted Zendaya during the press line at the Spider-Man: No Way Home London premiere and called her "beautiful."

Tom saying, "There she is. Looking beautiful, might I add. As ever"
Associated Press

16. Then, when they kept making each other laugh while posing for photos at the London premiere.

Zendaya and Tom holding hands and laughing
David M. Benett / WireImage / Getty Images

17. When Zendaya had to teach Tom how to use Instagram, like, several times.

Tom saying he had to FaceTime Zendaya to learn how to post a trailer to Instagram and Zendaya had to teach him how to delete a story
ABC / Via

18. When Tom revealed he visited the Euphoria set a bunch and was kind of upset Zendaya didn't try to slip him in a scene.

IMDb / Via

19. When Tom Holland answered a question about who Zendaya's role model is, and she absolutely lost it.

Tom Holland saying "Me" at the same time Zendaya says "My parents"
Wired / Via

20. When she immediately knew he would choose avocados as the one food to have if he couldn't get home, and then she was just laughing over how passionate he is about avocados.

Tom explaining how practical avocados are and Zendaya laughing
IMDb / Via

21. When Zendaya stopped Tom from revealing a spoiler, and then he whispered the answer to her.

Zendaya covering Tom's mouth as he whispers to her
Comic Book / Via

22. When Tom was surprised at how good Zendaya's drawing of him was turning out.

Tom saying, "What the" after Zendaya shows a picture she drew of his side profile
Cineworld Cinemas / Via

23. When Tom playfully made fun of Zendaya's loud and exuberant laugh.

Tom throwing his head back and laughing to demonstrate how Zendaya laughs
Wired / Via

24. When Tom got injured skiing right after wrapping Spider-Man: No Way Home and instead of, you know, going to a doctor, he FaceTimed Zendaya instead.

Tom saying he had blood all over his face when he FaceTimed Zendaya
ABC / Via

25. And finally, when they just loved being Peter Parker/Spider-Man and MJ together.

Bobby Bank / GC Images / Getty Images