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    23 "To All The Boys 2" Details That'll Make You Say, "How Did I Not Notice That?"

    Author Jenny Han's real parents play Lara Jean's grandparents.

    1. First, Lara Jean perfectly recreates the opening dance from Adventures in Babysitting.

    2. Also, at the end of Lara Jean's dance, she's upside down on her bed, which is the exact place Kitty pauses the original Adventures in Babysitting video.

    3. You can see that Kitty is still wearing her "feminist" necklace from the first movie.

    4. The school picture of Lara Jean that's in the Covey house is the same one her grandparents have on the wall at their house.

    5. You can spot "Black Lives Matter," "Believe Women," and "Trans Rights" posters in the cafeteria throughout the movie.

    6. The snow globe that Lara Jean wins at the fair foreshadows her final dance with John Ambrose.

    7. Also, similar to what Lara Jean says about the glitter in the snow globe, once the snow settles after her dance with John Ambrose, she's back in her fairy tale with Peter.

    8. In P.S. I Still Love, Lara Jean's first scene with John Ambrose resembles the moment Peter brought the letter to her in the first movie.

    9. When Lara Jean and John Ambrose are reading Harry Potter in the flashbacks, you can see that they're actually reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

    10. Also, behind John Ambrose in the tree house, you can spot what appears to be a drawing of the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter.

    11. When Peter heartbreakingly takes the necklace back from Lara Jean at the aquarium, it mirrors when he walked away from her in the hotel during To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

    12. Not only is Lara Jean's wardrobe less colorful after her breakup with Peter, but her cereal choice goes from being colorful to pretty boring too.

    13. The adorable picture of Margot, Kitty, Lara Jean and their mom that's beside Lara Jean's bed is also in her locker.

    14. You can spot Jenny Han, who wrote the To All the Boys book series, consoling a student on Valentine's Day.

    15. Also, when Lara Jean and Kitty visit their grandparents, they are actually played by Jenny's real-life parents.

    16. Maddie Ziegler makes an appearance as a cheerleader and the person who tells Lara Jean that Peter always sends an a cappella Valentine's Day gram.

    17. Before Peter gives Lara Jean her Valentine's Day present, she's waiting in the same spot where they made the contract in the first movie.

    18. On the flyer for Chris's dog program, you can see that she plans on taking pictures for social media and the program will take place at her house.

    19. If you look closely, you can see what the love note says on the back of the photo that Lara Jean finds — she doesn't read it in the movie because it seems personal.

    20. When Lara Jean dresses as French toast at the middle school Halloween party, she's wearing a blue beret — this could be a nod to Lara Jean's extensive beret collection in the books.

    21. While they're in class, Lara Jean and Peter are learning about how an octopus has three hearts — this echoes the love triangle between Lara Jean, Peter, and John Ambrose.

    22. Lucas and Lara Jean sharing an ice cream sandwich could be a nod to Lara Jean bringing ice cream sandwiches to the tree house party in the book.

    23. And finally, just like in To All the Boys I've Loved Before, Lara Jean still has her extensive collection of Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys books near her bed.