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19 Times Twitter Hilariously Nailed What Black Friday Is Actually Like

Black Friday: When The Hunger Games comes to life for one day only.

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1. First things first, most people live for the drama instead of the actual Black Friday sales:

If you're going Black Friday shopping tomorrow, be a decent human being & turn your phone horizontal before you record any fights

2. The organized line outside means nothing once the doors are unlocked:

#BlackFridayIn3Words Good luck employees

3. It's not a day for anyone that has a conscience:

Just trampled a family of six to get a 50%-off coupon for something I don't need. No regrets. #BlackFriday

4. It seems like people get more of a thrill out of hurting others instead of the actual sales:

Great day shopping! Put 3 kids in the hospital, curb stomped an old lady, and murdered a white male but I love my new iPod! #BlackFriday


5. Some people will hurt anyone and everyone that stands in their way:

I don't know what your opinion on black friday is, but mine is that I would kill my entire family for a flatscreen tv

6. In fact, if you've hurt someone on Black Friday, I think you're celebrating correctly?!

can't make it to the store on black friday so im thinkin of going to best buy tomorrow to shove someone for no reason early

7. Manners basically don't exist when shopping:

On my way to the mall to get the best parking space, I'm going sit in my car with the reverse lights on for a few hours. #BlackFriday

8. All rules go out the window when Black Friday comes around:


9. Entering a store on Black Friday is what hell must feel like:

fondly remembering last year's Black Friday

10. It's when The Hunger Games comes to life for one day only:

11. If you think you're headed for a day of casual shopping, you're wrong — people have trained their whole lives for this day:

You don't think I'm ready for Black Friday? I was 1st grade line leader for THREE WEEKS STRAIGHT. This is what I train for. This is my life.

12. Adults basically become kids again:

on this Black Friday I'd like to fondly recall the guy I saw slap another adult on the ear outside a Best Buy over a portable DVD player


13. And moms, in particular, will do ANYTHING to get something half off:

When I hear about shoppers who die on Black Friday, I worry because my mom is out there right now & she’s probably the one who killed them.

14. It's not the time to go shopping with friends; it's a time to throw your enemies to the crowd of angry shoppers:

Things I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy: A marathon, Survivor spoilers, 9am catcalling, Black Friday, bad almond milk, a juice cleanse.

And even that's cruel.

15. People think you're crying over your new items, but really you're mourning your bank account:

Everyone: 'BLACK FRIDAY IS TOMORROW OMG' My bank account:

16. Sometimes people get so intense police escorts are necessary:

When I worked at Gamestop on Black Friday and the lady who bought the last Wii had to be escorted to her car by the police. #FlashbackFriday


17. Even if you don't go shopping, there's no escaping the tsunami of spam emails:

It's Black Friday to many of you. To me, it's unsubscribe from this email list I never knew I was on Friday.

18. The whole day is totally ironic:

"I'm staying home..." #BlackFridayIn3Words #BlackFriday

19. And just when you think Black Friday is over, Cyber Monday comes around:

My bank account survived Black Friday but I completely forgot about cyber Monday😭😭😭😭