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19 Times Twitter Hilariously Nailed What Black Friday Is Actually Like

Black Friday: When The Hunger Games comes to life for one day only.

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1. First things first, most people live for the drama instead of the actual Black Friday sales:

If you're going Black Friday shopping tomorrow, be a decent human being & turn your phone horizontal before you record any fights

Twitter: @Bdell1014 / Via Twitter: @Bdell1014

2. The organized line outside means nothing once the doors are unlocked:

#BlackFridayIn3Words Good luck employees

Twitter: @Jayd3nKnight / Via Twitter: @Jayd3nKnight

3. It's not a day for anyone that has a conscience:

Just trampled a family of six to get a 50%-off coupon for something I don't need. No regrets. #BlackFriday

Twitter: @RexHuppke / Via Twitter: @RexHuppke

4. It seems like people get more of a thrill out of hurting others instead of the actual sales:

Great day shopping! Put 3 kids in the hospital, curb stomped an old lady, and murdered a white male but I love my new iPod! #BlackFriday

Twitter: @chadzumock / Via Twitter: @chadzumock

5. Some people will hurt anyone and everyone that stands in their way:

I don't know what your opinion on black friday is, but mine is that I would kill my entire family for a flatscreen tv

Twitter: @mattingebretson / Via Twitter: @mattingebretson

6. In fact, if you've hurt someone on Black Friday, I think you're celebrating correctly?!

can't make it to the store on black friday so im thinkin of going to best buy tomorrow to shove someone for no reason early

Twitter: @MattBellassai / Via Twitter: @MattBellassai

7. Manners basically don't exist when shopping:

On my way to the mall to get the best parking space, I'm going sit in my car with the reverse lights on for a few hours. #BlackFriday

Twitter: @Prairiedogn / Via Twitter: @Prairiedogn

8. All rules go out the window when Black Friday comes around:

Twitter: @AlanGHangover / Via Twitter: @AlanGHangover

9. Entering a store on Black Friday is what hell must feel like:

fondly remembering last year's Black Friday

Twitter: @BBW_BFF / Via Twitter: @BBW_BFF

10. It's when The Hunger Games comes to life for one day only:

Twitter: @SincerelyTumblr / Via Twitter: @SincerelyTumblr

11. If you think you're headed for a day of casual shopping, you're wrong — people have trained their whole lives for this day:

You don't think I'm ready for Black Friday? I was 1st grade line leader for THREE WEEKS STRAIGHT. This is what I train for. This is my life.

Twitter: @jwoodham / Via Twitter: @jwoodham

12. Adults basically become kids again:

on this Black Friday I'd like to fondly recall the guy I saw slap another adult on the ear outside a Best Buy over a portable DVD player

Twitter: @rachelmillman / Via Twitter: @rachelmillman

13. And moms, in particular, will do ANYTHING to get something half off:

When I hear about shoppers who die on Black Friday, I worry because my mom is out there right now & she’s probably the one who killed them.

Twitter: @XplodingUnicorn / Via Twitter: @XplodingUnicorn

14. It's not the time to go shopping with friends; it's a time to throw your enemies to the crowd of angry shoppers:

Things I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy: A marathon, Survivor spoilers, 9am catcalling, Black Friday, bad almond milk, a juice cleanse.

Twitter: @EmilyBett / Via Twitter: @EmilyBett

And even that's cruel.

15. People think you're crying over your new items, but really you're mourning your bank account:

Everyone: 'BLACK FRIDAY IS TOMORROW OMG' My bank account:

Twitter: @TaliaMarMusic / Via Twitter: @TaliaMarMusic

16. Sometimes people get so intense police escorts are necessary:

When I worked at Gamestop on Black Friday and the lady who bought the last Wii had to be escorted to her car by the police. #FlashbackFriday

Twitter: @HagNasty / Via Twitter: @HagNasty

17. Even if you don't go shopping, there's no escaping the tsunami of spam emails:

It's Black Friday to many of you. To me, it's unsubscribe from this email list I never knew I was on Friday.

Twitter: @sarahcolonna / Via Twitter: @sarahcolonna

18. The whole day is totally ironic:

"I'm staying home..." #BlackFridayIn3Words #BlackFriday

Twitter: @HummBaby40 / Via Twitter: @HummBaby40

19. And just when you think Black Friday is over, Cyber Monday comes around:

My bank account survived Black Friday but I completely forgot about cyber Monday😭😭😭😭

Twitter: @kimmyraeee / Via Twitter: @kimmyraeee

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