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    23 Times Jack Pearson From “This Is Us” Proved To Be The Best Character On TV

    Spoilers (and moments that'll make you sob) ahead!

    1. When Jack did push-ups with Randall on his back in order to prove that he will always be there to support him.

    2. When he told Rebecca that meeting her changed his life.

    3. When he cheered Kate up by giving her his t-shirt after some girls made fun of her at the public pool.

    4. When Jack told Randall it's okay to be different after he purposely failed tests to seem less smart in school.

    5. And then, when he convinced Randall to go to a new private school and taught him how to tie a tie.

    6. When he adorably created the tradition of Pilgrim Rick when they got stuck at a motel on Thanksgiving.

    7. When Jack asked his estranged father for money so he could afford to buy the perfect house for his future family.

    8. When he had to tell Rebecca they had lost one of their triplets, but then found Randall to adopt so their family could be whole again.

    9. When he made Kate feel better after everyone went to Kevin's birthday and not hers.

    10. When he surprised Rebecca by renting out their first apartment and reading their wedding vows to each other.

    11. When he knew exactly what to tell Randall in order to calm him down during a panic attack.

    12. When Jack told Rebecca everything he still loves about her.

    13. When he helped Kevin get through the chicken pox by asking to hear his "battle cry."

    14. When he decided to take Randall and Kevin camping, hoping it would stop them from arguing.

    15. When he adorably dressed up as Sonny for Halloween alongside Rebecca as Cher.

    16. When he fought to adopt Randall, even when the judge didn't think it was a good idea.

    17. When he gave Kevin his necklace from Vietnam after he got seriously injured in a football game.

    18. When he told Kate she was beautiful after kids at school made fun of her.

    19. When he secretly filmed Kate singing because he was just so proud of her.

    20. And then, when Kate got angry and he revealed that she shouldn't be afraid to show the world how talented she is.

    21. When he asked Rebecca to be his business partner when he wanted to start "Big Three Homes."

    22. When he took Rebecca to his favorite tree while she was waiting to hear from her doctor.

    23. And finally, when he ran back inside the burning house to save the dog and the irreplaceable family photo albums.