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17 Times "Chopped" Got Too Damn Stressful

“The meat isn’t quite done, but it’ll finish cooking out of the oven if I put enough sauce on it.”

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3. Every time they set a basket ingredient aside and completely forget about it five minutes later.


6. When contestants' bizarre food combinations were actually just recipes for disaster.


9. When this *brilliant* chef made everyone who has ever cooked feel like a winner.

10. When this guy got the ultimate gift of a $100 truffle and lost it within 30 seconds.

12. Two words: BREAD. PUDDING.

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You will NEVER have enough time to make even a mediocre bread pudding, so just quit while you're ahead.


15. Then, they end up serving the judges à la nothing...

this chopped contestant got NOTHINg on the plate lmao

16. ...or even worse, a severely undercooked dish that could actually kill someone.

Food Network

Toxic raw eel and a smartass Chopped chef who "doesn't like to play it safe" is an unhealthy combo.

17. And finally, this heart-stopping moment when Ted Allen asks, “So, whose dish is on the chopping block?”