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    27 Things That Will Make Plus-Size Girls Say, "Damn, That's Real"

    Button-up shirts are your mortal enemy. They must be destroyed.

    1. When you ask a sales clerk if they have something in your size and they respond, "Sorry, we don't carry sizes that big."

    2. Better yet, when companies don't even MAKE bigger sizes.

    When a designer advertises they have plus sizes, but they only go up to a 14. Fool, you missing out on a lot of bus…

    Britney Young / Via Twitter: @ItsBritneyYoung

    3. When you can't shop in the sale section because somehow it doesn't include anything bigger than size small.

    4. You basically need a map to find the plus-size section in any store.

    5. Even though shopping in the plus-size section can sometimes be the equivalent of buying a potato sack.

    6. "One-size fits all" is just a cosmic joke.

    7. When you find a dress but have to put it back because it would require a strapless bra.

    8. Also, why is it that finding bigger bras with cute designs is like finding a rare jewel?

    9. When your bigger size bra costs $100 more than the smaller sizes.

    10. When plus-size clothing is sometimes more expensive than "normal-size clothing."

    11. When you have to pair a cute sun dress with bike shorts to combat chaffing.

    12. That look of surprise you get when you wear something that hugs all your curves.

    For the record, I wear what I want, when I want. News flash it's MY body. #thankstho

    Chrissy Metz / Via Twitter: @ChrissyMetz

    13. When you finally find a pair of jeans you love but they are so long you could create another pair of pants.

    14. Speaking of jeans, you've perfected the "jump and pull" to get into a pair.

    15. When you're walking and your thigh rub causes giant holes in your favorite pair of jeans.

    16. Button-up shirts always pop open, whether you're walking, running, or lying perfectly still.

    17. When you're walking down the street and have to pull down your shorts because your thighs make them ride up.

    18. When you find a t-shirt with a cute design, but your boobs stretch it out to the point where it's unrecognizable.

    19. Finding workout clothing that's comfortable is like searching for water in the desert.

    20. When your boobs are a little cumbersome for your already clumsy self when you work out.

    21. And then there's that baffled look on people's faces when you say you work out regularly.

    22. When you shop online and order three different shirt sizes because everything is cut differently.

    23. Never being able to leave a store without trying everything on.

    24. When you have to buy swimsuit tops and bottoms separately because nothing fits correctly.

    25. When you get the uncomfortable side-eye while squeezing into a middle seat anywhere...

    26. ...or when you have to pull a table out in a restaurant to slide into the booth.

    27. And of course, when people constantly praise you for being confident in your body like you somehow need a reminder that you're drop dead GORGEOUS!