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19 Things From 2007 That Will Make Taylor Swift Fans Miss The Old Taylor

A year when the old Taylor would still come to the phone.

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1. In 2007 Taylor's performances featured her playing guitar in small venues, instead of dancing around to sold out stadium crowds.

3. Taylor's albums were pure country and the titles were just her name.


6. Taylor's music videos featured guitars, boys, and pickup trucks instead of snakes, dead Taylors, and more snakes.

7. The only boy in Taylor's life that people cared about was Drew. / Via

Instead of Joe, Taylor, John, Jake, Conor, Harry, Calvin, Tom, and Joe.


13. On the fashion front, Taylor wore bright ballgowns instead of fishnets and black sweatshirts.

14. Even Taylor's signature curly hair has become a distant memory.

15. Taylor fangirled over meeting her idols, instead of her idols fangirling over her.

16. Taylor's squad was just her mom and Abigail.

Instagram: abigail_lauren / Via

18. Taylor would just grab selfies with fans instead of inviting them into her home.

19. And finally, acceptance speeches were sweet, passionate, and uninteruprted. 👀