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    23 Things All Best Friends Do If They Live More Than 50 Miles Apart

    Your Snapchat streak with each other is something you pride yourselves on and constantly brag about.

    1. A lot of your conversations involve figuring out a time to either FaceTime or talk on the phone.

    When your bff lives hours away, you FaceTime for hours 🤗

    Twitter: @KennedyLawson7 / Via Twitter: @KennedyLawson7

    2. In fact, cancelling plans with other people so you can FaceTime your best friend is totally normal.

    3. Sometimes you text each other old inside jokes just to remind yourselves that you're hysterical together.

    4. Your Snapchat streak with each other is something you pride yourselves on and constantly brag about.

    Hi @Snapchat if we don’t get an award when we reach the 1,000 day streak in a couple weeks I will cry

    Twitter: @LaurenWeide / Via Twitter: @LaurenWeide

    5. Talking via Snapchat, Instagram, and text simultaneously is a regular occurrence and not at all weird.

    6. Watching TV shows alone is never as fun, so you FaceTime each other and it's just like old times.

    7. A lot of your time is spent recanting all the fun times you've had with your BFF to your new friends.

    8. Despite the distance, whenever something funny happens, you still instinctively look around for your BFF's reaction.

    9. When you do talk, it can go on for hours because you have to tell them EVERYTHING.

    Chatting on the phone for 4.5 hours with my best friend ♡ @vaginga

    Twitter: @ilikeyourcats / Via Twitter: @ilikeyourcats

    10. You're in a constant state of jealously when you see your BFF hanging out with other people.

    11. Even though you don't see each other all that often, you know everything happening in each other's lives.

    12. And you sure as hell don't let timezones keep you from making sure your BFF knows they're always on your mind.

    when u keep missing each other's messages lol

    Twitter: @kianaascottoo / Via Twitter: @kianaascottoo

    13. You're always checking your clock to see what time it is where your friend lives and if it's an appropriate time to call them.

    14. Planning the next time you can visit each other takes hard work, dedication, and impressive planning skills.

    15. You set aside part of your paycheck so you can afford a trip to see your BFF and make some more memories.

    16. You're constantly tagging each other in every Facebook meme that remotely resembles your friendship.

    17. Most of your conversations start with an "I miss you" text and spiral into a full-on love fest.

    18. Whenever your friend is in trouble, you're right there making sure they're completely okay.

    19. When you're bored, you look through old photos of you and your BFF and remember all the fun adventures you've had.

    20. In fact, you often spend hours just thinking about how much you miss your partner-in-crime.

    21. Sometimes texting gets boring, so a surprise package filled with some of their favorite things always puts a smile on their face.

    22. Both of you keep long lists of all the things you'll do together when you reunite, whether it's watching a new TV show or going for drinks at a new bar.

    23. And finally, when you do reunite with your BFF, it feels like absolutely no time has passed.