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31 Things That Are Too Damn Real For Anyone Raised By Italian-American Parents

Your immediate family could make up the population of a small country.

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1. Pasta was the perfect meal for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack time, dinner, and dessert.

*8 am* My dad: "you want some pasta with red sauce?" #growingupitalian

2. Sunday dinner at Nonna's house started promptly at 3 p.m. and all other plans had to be cancelled.

#growingupitalian never being able to go out on a Sunday because of Sunday dinner


4. When other kids were sick, they were given cold medicine. When you were sick, you got a big bowl of al dente pastina.

Instagram: @growingupitalian / Via

9. Your family pronounced "mozzarella" a very specific way that no one else seemed to understand.

#growingupitalian your family always correcting people for the way they say mozzarella or marinara

It's "moozadell."

10. People always thought you were angry with your parents, but really you were just trying to get their attention.

#growingupitalian not going one day without yelling "MA"


13. It was never really Christmas until some distant relative of Ma's dropped one of these off:

#GrowingUpItalian being excited asl for Christmas time for Sfogliatella & Struffoli 😍


16. Speaking of family, heritage was everything, and you never went anywhere without telling people where you were from.

me: hi Italian person: my grandfather came here from sicily in 1902 with only a nickel and a meatball recipe, family is everything, salud

17. In college, your friends made you cook the pasta, because they knew you'd complain if they did it wrong...

Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @ndominick87

18. ...and they never seemed to fully understand how important this task was.

"Go stir the sauce" #growingupitalian


20. You would spend the summer gardening because your parents refused to go to the grocery store to buy tomatoes and basil.

22. There was a very slim chance that this actually held ricotta and not a leftover meal from months ago.

when you open one of these and it actually has ricotta in it instead of 3 month old frozen pasta sauce…


24. To stop you from coughing in church, your Ma would slip you one of these and give you a death glare.

I saw this in #growingupitalian the accuracy I'm crying 😂😂


28. Frank Sinatra was the most important celebrity in your house. End of discussion.

I know it's cleaning day when Sinatra is playing way louder than usual #ItalianParents

29. There was always some super-extended family member that showed up to a gathering and you had no clue who they were, but they knew you.


Ma: That's your grandma's sister's nephew's cousin Vinny. How dare you not know them!