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    21 Things Everyone Who Was Ever A Camp Counselor Will Understand

    When you were put in charge of kids for the first time and you learned the true meaning of chaos.

    1. Getting dressed for work was always easy because you just had to put on shorts and the same brightly colored shirt every day.

    2. The toughest part of your day was getting your campers dressed after any sort of swimming activity.

    3. Your main goal for the summer was always trying to seem like the ~cool~ counselor to your campers.

    4. And you spent a lot of the summer trying to blend in and pretend to know all the hip, cool kid lingo.

    5. You were great at making your campers think that walking in a straight line was the best activity at camp.

    6. If you worked an arts and crafts activity, chances are you found glitter everywhere...even after camp ended.

    7. Sometimes you had to deal with a camper that had a crush on you and chances are you found a note professing their love.

    Found this at the bottom of my backpack #campcounselorproblems

    Twitter: @rach_ya_there / Via Twitter: @rach_ya_there

    8. While some of your friends had perfect tans during the summer, your arms were a completely different shade than the rest of your body.

    9. Your inner thoughts just became camp song after camp song on a never ending loop.

    10. You had to listen to your "summer camp playlist" very carefully to make sure there was not a single swear word.

    11. You constantly prayed that you could get through the day without having to fill out an accident report.

    12. You became very good at making a costume out of basically nothing for any themed week.

    13. You quickly figured out that dancing made everything a little more enjoyable for everyone.

    14. You had to come up with an assortment of fun games to play when there was any sort of downtime.

    15. Rainy days were the worst days of the summer because that meant having to entertain kids INSIDE.

    16. Overall, being in charge of your campers was a challenge you weren't necessarily prepared for.

    You never fully understand chaos until you're in charge of 30+ school age girls in a public locker room... #CampCounselorProblems

    Twitter: @HBeanMachine / Via Twitter: @HBeanMachine

    17. You spent most of the summer being a human jungle gym for your campers.

    18. By the end of camp you could tie-dye just about anything.

    19. Even though the summer eventually ended, you still had some small reminders of your camp days.

    Two and a half months later, the watch is off... but is it? #campcounselorproblems #iknowineedamanicure

    Twitter: @caseyapregan / Via Twitter: @caseyapregan

    20. After spending the summer crafting, you became an expert friendship bracelet maker.

    21. And finally, knowing that you were making an impact on someone's life was pretty amazing.