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    31 Things About "Pretty Little Liars" That Make No Sense Now That I'm An Adult

    The Liars all lived in a nice suburban town, but no one ever thought to put in an alarm system.

    🚨Obviously, spoilers ahead🚨

    1. The first thing that I'll never understand is why these girls didn't move out of Rosewood or call the cops.

    2. Speaking of the police, they were the most unhelpful people in Rosewood. Instead of trying to catch "A" they spent most of their time following five teenage girls around and accusing them of crimes.

    3. The Liars all lived in a nice suburban town, but no one ever thought to put in an alarm system after countless break-ins.

    4. Where did "A" get all of their money? Like, how did they have enough extra cash for a futuristic lair, an entire underground bunker to hold the Liars hostage, AND up-to-date surveillance equipment.

    5. Although a majority of the show took place while the Liars were in high school, when did they find time to do school work?

    6. In fact, the Liars daily schedules made no sense. They had time to meet for coffee before school, hang out in the bathroom, attend one class, fake volunteer at Radley, and travel to other towns.

    7. Let's talk about Radley Sanitarium. Why didn't this building have better security? These girls literally snuck patients in and out without anyone noticing.

    8. And then, Radley, known for torturing several Rosewood residents, eventually turned into a swanky hotel.

    9. Here we go: Why did everyone think it was okay that Ezra was dating Aria, HIS STUDENT?

    10. And not only that, Ezra had previously had a fling with Alison when she like 14-years-old!

    11. Ezra never answered for any of his actions, which is incredibly frustrating. He was STALKING five girls for a book and everyone just forgave him.

    12. Rosewood High School held some crazy and expensive school dances. When I was in high school, you were lucky if there was a bowl of chips and a water bottle.

    13. I know that this is ~technically~ about the spin-off, Ravenswood, but who thought it was a good idea to all of a sudden involve ghosts?

    14. For three seasons we were wondering what actually happened to Alison and if she was alive, but when she finally came back, we were only offered a ~vague~ explanation of what happened.

    15. So, in the pilot, a body was found and identified as Alison. But then, we learned that it was actually Bethany Young. How the heck do you misidentify a dead body?! Did science just fail?!

    16. Also, Melissa immediately rolled Bethany into a giant hole and buried her alive when she thought Spencer killed her. Wouldn't you confront your sister about this possibility before burying a random dead body?

    17. My favorite PLL plot hole: How did the moms get out of the damn basement? They were locked in and then magically escaped.

    18. Mona tortured and killed people when she was "A," but somehow Rosewood High School allowed her to return like nothing happened.

    19. I'm sorry, but you're telling me that Maya died in Season 2 for no reason whatsoever?

    20. These girls were in high school, but were somehow tried as adults and sentenced to jail.

    21. Two words: Eddie Lamb. PLL had a terrible habit of introducing characters and then not following through with their connection to "A." I'M SCREAMING.

    22. CeCe/Charlotte was arrested for Detective Wilden's murder. But when the cops arrested her, how did they not realize that CeCe Drake didn't exist?

    23. Speaking of CeCe, she loved her mom so much, but she literally buried her alive. Talk about mother/daughter issues.

    24. I'm going to continue to ignore the fact that Jason and CeCe dated even though CeCe was his sister. This is some serious Game of Thrones shit.

    25. Truthfully, I can't believe PLL introduced an annoying singing bird named Tippi and nothing came of it. Do you know how long I've had that phone number stuck in my head?!

    26. After seven seasons, it was revealed that Spencer secretly had a twin sister, Alex, and she was actually Uber A. I watched this show religiously for seven years and even I'm confused.

    27. So, why did Alex have to torture all of the Liars if she was really only mad at Spencer and Mary Drake? If I were the others, I'd be super pissed.

    28. I'm sorry, but Spencer was one of the Liars' best friends, but the only one who knew this wasn't actually Spencer was a freakin' horse.

    29. So, Melissa and Wren walked around Rosewood guilty as heck for seven seasons and barely ended up being involved.

    30. In fact, Wren knew about Alex and was just excited to possibly date someone that looked like Spencer. Great.

    31. Finally, Alex killed Wren and turned him into a diamond necklace. I just...I have no words.