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    30 Genius, Wholesome, And Funny Tweets About "The Last Of Us" Episode 4, AKA "Please Hold To My Hand"

    The Last of Us Episode 4 gifted us with the Joel and Ellie magazine scene from the game, as well as the introduction of Melanie Lynskey as Kathleen, in an episode that actually made everyone laugh more than we cried.

    🚨 There are MASSIVE — and I mean MASSIVE — spoilers ahead for The Last of Us Episode 4! 🚨

    Hi, yes, hello, everyone. We made it through another episode of The Last of Us. Last night's episode — titled "Please Hold to My Hand," which was directed by Jeremy Webb and written by Craig Mazin — was a great episode that allowed Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) to bond more as they continue their journey to Wyoming.

    The Last of Us Episode 4 featured the introduction of Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey) and Perry (Jeffrey Pierce, who voiced Tommy in The Last of Us games), the leaders of a group in Kansas City who are now running the QZ after FEDRA fled.

    We got some wholesome and important bonding moments between Joel and Ellie as this episode set up what is sure to be an emotional roller coaster for Episode 5.

    So, to express their love for this latest episode, fans — and the cast — took to Twitter to make some amazing jokes and memes and simply give some A+ commentary. Here's a look at some of the best tweets about The Last of Us Episode 4:

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    Bella Ramsey / Via Twitter: @BellaRamsey


    Thrilled to be coming along on Joel and Ellie’s journey for a little while on the incredible new show #TheLastOfUs my first episode airs tomorrow night on @hbo @hbomax !! 😬 Eternal gratitude to everyone involved for this incredible experience!!

    Melanie Lynskey / Liane Hentscher / HBO / Via Twitter: @melanielynskey


    Jeffrey Pierce / Liane Hentscher / HBO / Via Twitter: @pierce_jeffrey


    OMG yes let me push that homosexual agenda just by showing up! An honour!

    Melanie Lynskey / Via Twitter: @melanielynskey


    the grammys: 😴🥱💤😴 ellie saying “how the hell would he even walk around with that thing” in the new last of us ep:

    @up2anth / Via Twitter: @up2anth



    @chrisdadeviant / HBO / Naughty Dog / Via Twitter: @chrisdadeviant


    The joke book is back 🥹 #TheLastOfUs

    @DomTheBombYT / Naughty Dog / Via Twitter: @DomTheBombYT


    It was probably the first time Joel laughed in a long while #TheLastOfUs

    @wizardjarin / HBO / Via Twitter: @wizardjarin


    ellie finally made joel laugh <3 they’re a FAMILY !! #TheLastOfUs #tlou

    @CLlCKERS / HBO / Via Twitter: @CLlCKERS


    ellie and joel reacting like This to a diarrhea joke THEYRE SO UNSERIOUS

    @yujiify / Via Twitter: @yujiify


    HES A FATHERRR #TheLastOfUs #tlou

    @sxarlights / HBO / Via Twitter: @sxarlights


    #thelastofus SPOILERS - - - ellie and joel trying to get to wyoming

    @kenobldjarln / AMC / Via Twitter: @kenobldjarln


    joel and ellie after eating that 20 yr old stale ass chef boyardee ravioli…#tlou

    @voidsinclair / Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @voidsinclair


    joel while two people are literally stepping on glass and holding ellie at gunpoint #TheLastOfUs

    @P4SCALSPUNK / Disney Channel / Via Twitter: @P4SCALSPUNK


    happy melanie lynskey on the last of us day

    @yellowfier / Melanie Lynskey / Via Twitter: @yellowfier


    My honest reaction to Ellie making Joel laugh at the end of the episode: #TheLastOfUs

    @dinsheartt / Cape Cod Theater Project / Via


    the way this is literally just bella and pedro breaking character and laughing #TheLastOfUs #tlou

    @songofachiIle / HBO / Via Twitter: @songofachiIle


    Bella Ramsey has NAILED Ellie’s mannerisms. #TheLastOfUs

    @samspeaksmovies / Via Twitter: @samspeaksmovies


    Me watching Melanie Lynskey in The Last of Us

    @TomZohar / Adam Friedland / Via Twitter: @TomZohar


    this father-daughter scene i CRIED and him pulling her and making ellie laugh THEYRE TRULY MY PEOPLE #thelastofus

    @ellievjoel / HBO / Via Twitter: @ellievjoel


    the truck scene in the last of us ep 4 that was word for word pulled from the game… and ellie’s book of PUNS…

    @heylucymay / Bravo / Via Twitter: @heylucymay


    joel always reassuring ellie that everything is going to be okay i feel SICK #tlou #TheLastOfUs

    @thwiptom / HBO / Via Twitter: @thwiptom


    The last of us series is show of the year for recreating one of my favorite scenes

    @uIttrra / HBO / Via Twitter: @uIttrra


    @Angel_Gbc10 / HBO / Naughty Dog / Via Twitter: @Angel_Gbc10


    @IconicNephilim / HBO / Via Twitter: @IconicNephilim


    got high and took pictures of melanie lynskey in #TheLastOfUs like it was a concert

    @dilfcoded / HBO / Via Twitter: @dilfcoded


    #tlou makes sunday scaries better

    @la__ren / Via Twitter: @la__ren


    ellie and joel bonding, sam and henry …. i’m so sick yall episode 5 is gonna be so heartbreaking #TheLastOfUs

    @LASTSESSlON / Via Twitter: @LASTSESSlON


    @gabs820 / Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @gabs820

    30. In conclusion:

    me preparing for sam and henry AND the bloater in one episode next week #tlou

    @G0THSCYTHE / NBC / Via Twitter: @G0THSCYTHE

    Also, next week's episode, AKA Episode 5, will drop early on FRIDAY on HBO Max!

    See you next Friday for an early viewing of episode 5! #TheLastOfUs

    Neil Druckmann / Liane Hentscher / HBO / Via Twitter: @Neil_Druckmann

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