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    "The Crown" Finally Returns With Season 4, So Here's What You Need To Know About The Season And Cast

    Olivia Colman + Gillian Anderson = a gift to TV.

    Nearly a year after the end of Season 3, The Crown finally returns with Season 4 on Nov. 15 on Netflix.

    Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip and Olivia Coleman as Queen Elizabeth II standing in a theater balcony
    Alex Bailey / Netflix

    So, in order to prepare for this era in Queen Elizabeth II's reign, here is a spoiler-free guide to everything you need to know about the new season.

    First, The Crown Season 4 will cover roughly 1977–1990 and feature some monumental moments in the royal family's history, namely Prince Charles and Princess Diana's relationship and the introduction of Britain's first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

    Ollie Upton / Netflix, Des Willie / Netflix

    Basically, we've hit some of the most well-known moments in history.

    And yes, Season 4 will include Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding — complete with an almost exact replica of Princess Diana's famous wedding gown that was made using the original patterns for reference.

    Emma Corrin as Princess Diana in her wedding dress
    Des Willie / Netflix

    This season will also explore Lord Mountbatten's funeral, Charles and Diana's tour of Australia and New Zealand, the Falklands War, Michael Fagan's break-in at Buckingham Palace, and much more.

    A silhouette shot of Queen Elizabeth II as she watches military planes fly past
    Netflix / Via

    Like Season 3, Olivia Colman will star as Queen Elizabeth II, and this will be her last season before Imelda Staunton takes over for Seasons 5 and 6, which are the final two seasons.

    Olivia Colman on the left and Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II on the right
    Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images / Des Willie / Netflix

    Helena Bonham Carter returns as Princess Margaret for the last time, before she's replaced by Lesley Manville in the final seasons — look out for a monumental Margaret episode during Season 4.

    Helena Bonham Carter on a red carpet on the left and Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret on the right
    GP Images / WireImage / Des Willie / Netflix

    And Tobias Menzies will once again play Prince Philip before Jonathan Pryce takes over the role — Philip doesn't have any standalone episodes this time, but the theme of being an outsider that we saw with him in Season 1 comes back into play with Diana.

    Tobias Menzies on the left and Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip on the right
    Pablo Cuadra / FilmMagic / Getty Images / Ollie Upton / Netflix

    Josh O'Connor and Emerald Fennel will portray Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles one last time in Season 4.

    Mike Marsland / Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images / Des Willie / Netflix

    After this season, Dominic West will take over as Prince Charles and we don't know who will play Camilla in the final two seasons yet.

    As you can imagine, Josh's Prince Charles has an even bigger role in Season 4 — we've hit Charles and Diana's relationship and how it affects every member of the royal family.

    Des Willie / Netflix

    Charles Dance returns as Lord Mountbatten for his final season — Lord Mountbatten died in 1979, so his death will be depicted.

    Charles Dance on the left and Charles Dance as Lord Mountbatten on the right
    Samir Hussein / WireImage / Getty Images / Des Willie / Netflix

    And Ben Daniels, Marion Bailey, and Erin Doherty continue their roles as Antony Armstrong-Jones, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and Princess Anne.

    John Lamparski / Andreas Rentz / Steve Granitz / Getty Images / Des Willie / Netflix

    Casting for these characters for Seasons 5 and 6 has not been announced yet.

    Joining the cast in Season 4 is Emma Corrin as Princess Diana. This is one of Emma's first major TV roles, and she previously appeared on Pennyworth.

    Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic / Getty Images / Des Willie / Netflix

    On being cast as Diana, Emma said, "I have been glued to the show since the first episode and to think I’m now joining this incredibly talented acting family is just surreal. Princess Diana was an icon, and her effect on the world remains profound and inspiring. To be given the chance to explore her through Peter Morgan’s writing is the most exceptional opportunity, and I will strive to do her justice!"

    Emma is an absolute standout in this season and it's incredibly impressive to watch her portray such an iconic figure that many The Crown fans have been waiting years to see.

    Emma Corrin wearing tiara as Princess Diana
    Des Willie / Netflix

    Also, just so you can prepare yourself, Emma is only in Season 4. Elizabeth Debicki will take over the role as Princess Diana in the final two seasons.

    And Gillian Anderson will take on Margaret Thatcher and tbh, I can't imagine anyone better suited to bring this monumental figure to life.

    Mike Marsland / WireImage / Getty Images / Des Willie / Netflix

    On being cast as the Iron Lady, Gillian said, "I am so excited to be joining the cast and crew of The Crown and to have the opportunity to portray such a complicated and controversial woman. Thatcher was undoubtedly formidable, but I am relishing exploring beneath the surface and, dare I say, falling in love with the icon who, whether loved or despised, defined an era."

    Watching Gillian and Olivia on screen together as Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II is a gift to TV in 2020 — their relationship allows for Gillian and Olivia to showcase their subtle comedy skills, which is mesmerizing.

    Queen Elizabeth II in conversation with Margaret Thatcher
    Netflix / Via

    The Crown Season 4 will consist of 10 hourlong episodes and, like the seasons that have come before it, this season leans into the real human moments that arise in this fairy-tale world and how honor and duty to the crown takes a toll.

    Queen Elizabeth II asking what happens if Diana doesn't bend and Margaret responding, "She will break"
    Netflix / Via

    And finally, here's The Crown Season 4 trailer if you wanna watch on a loop before the new season drops!

    View this video on YouTube

    Netflix / Via

    So, there you have it! I cannot WAIT to discuss The Crown Season 4 for the foreseeable future. Happy binge-watching!

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