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    The "Supernatural" Cast And Crew Just Wrapped Filming After 15 Seasons, And I'm Weeping Over Here

    Alexa, play "Carry On My Wayward Son."

    It's the end of an era — Supernatural has officially wrapped filming after 15 emotional, hilarious, and monumental seasons.

    Colin Bentley / The CW

    The series finale was originally supposed to air earlier this year, however the coronavirus pandemic caused production to shut down.

    Cate Cameron / The CW

    And just a few weeks ago, the cast and crew were able to get back to their set in Vancouver and finish filming the final two episodes.

    Now, the cast finished filming yesterday after 15 years, and I just want to curl up in the backseat of the Impala and weep.

    The CW

    Here's how the cast and crew celebrated the end of an era on social media:

    Jensen Ackles posted this heartfelt Instagram before the final day began where he said, "'Thank you' doesn't cover it":

    Jared Padalecki shared this selfie on his way to set and thanked everyone for the "incredible amount of love and support":

    Creator Eric Kripke reminisced about the first scene they ever filmed and how he was so grateful for this incredible ride:

    This was the first #Supernatural scene we shot. Today will be the last. I'm grateful & love you all beyond words. But it's only over when you say it is, #SPNFamily. In the words of Kim Manners (RIP): Kick It In The Ass. #SPN @jarpad @JensenAckles @mishacollins

    therealKripke / Via Twitter: @therealKripke

    Misha Collins thanked Supernatural for changing not only his life, but the world:

    #ThankYouSupernatural. You've changed my life in so many ways and you changed the world for the better. Fight on.

    mishacollins / Via Twitter: @mishacollins

    Alexander Calvert tweeted this simple but emotional message:

    Alex8Calvert / Via Twitter: @Alex8Calvert

    Jim Beaver, who beautifully played Bobby Singer, got emotional about saying goodbye to his "home for 15 years":

    So it’s here. Last day of principal photography on Supernatural, my home for 15 years. Getting ready to go to work on it for the final time. Deep feelings. Very deep. I love these people. Okay. Let’s go kick it in the ass one last time.

    jumblejim / Via Twitter: @jumblejim

    Mark Sheppard, who brought Crowley to life, reflected on how so much of his life is "entwined in this show":

    Danneel Ackles shared these beautiful photos of Jensen and reiterated that even though Supernatural is ending, "the love that has been created within the story is eternal":

    Sera Gamble, who was an executive producer and writer for the series, sent love to the team as they started their final day:

    Happy last day to the longest running show of its kind in American history. Sending much love to the team on this day of epic accomplishment. Kick it in the ass, guys. Thanks for the memories. Xo #SPNFamily #supernatural

    serathegamble / Via Twitter: @serathegamble

    Samantha Smith, who played Mary Winchester, said she will miss seeing the Supernatural cast and crew all in one place:

    Richard Speight Jr., who iconically brought Gabriel to life, shared these adorable photos of his son during his first episode in 2007 vs. today:

    My son Steve when I did my 1st episode of #Supernatural in 2007 & today on the show's last day of shooting. What a long & amazing ride. From janitor to director, I'll never have another experience like I've had on this show. Or a better TV family. Cheers to you all. ❤️ #SPNFamily

    dicksp8jr / Via Twitter: @dicksp8jr

    Rob Benedict, who played Chuck Shurley, tweeted about his love for the show and told the cast to enjoy the final ride:

    Big time love and props to the #SPN family on the last day of production. I love you all. I’ve so enjoyed the ride. @therealKripke @JensenAckles @jarpad

    RobBenedict / Via Twitter: @RobBenedict

    Felicia Day, who brought Charlie Bradbury to life, sent her love to the cast from afar and thanked everyone for allowing her to join the family:

    It's the last day of filming on the set of #Supernatural. Even from afar, didn't know I'd feel all these feelings. Thank you for 8 years of playing an amazing character. Nothing else will match being a part of the #SPN family <3

    feliciaday / Via Twitter: @feliciaday

    Ruth Connell, who iconically played Rowena MacLeod, wondered how Jared and Jensen were dealing with their final day filming:

    Not sure how they are managing up there today when I’m not coping down here... (in LA not Hell) #Supernatural @jarpad @JensenAckles

    RuthieConnell / Via Twitter: @RuthieConnell

    Executive producer Jim Michaels wasn't ready to hear these final words when filming wrapped:

    The words I will hear later today- Cut! Print! That’s a wrap ! That’s a season wrap and that’s a series wrap...

    TheJimMichaels / Via Twitter: @TheJimMichaels

    Shoshannah Stern, who portrayed Eileen Leahy, put it simply:

    Shoshannah7 / Via Twitter: @Shoshannah7

    Briana Buckmaster, who played Sheriff Donna Hanscum, posted an old behind the scenes pic:

    OfficialBrianaB / Via Twitter: @OfficialBrianaB

    Madison McLaughlin, who portrayed Krissy Chambers, thanked Jensen, Jared, and the fandom for welcoming her when she was just 15 years old:

    #Supernatural making me cry today, but what’s new 🤷🏻‍♀️ This crew, Jensen, Jared, and the fandom welcomed me in a way so rare that they made a 15 year old newbie feel like she belonged. They’ve done that for a lot of fifteen year olds. #ThankYouSupernatural

    MadisonMcLaugh / Via Twitter: @MadisonMcLaugh

    Sebastian Roché, who played Balthazar, congratulated everyone on a monumental run and adventure:

    Congratulations #Supernatural on ending your run of 15 seasons, it was such a pleasure to play a small part in this great adventure and the friendships that ensued, love to all of my cast mates and love to the incredible fans, #SPNFamily #SPNFamilyForever

    sebroche / Via Twitter: @sebroche

    And, he also has his fingers crossed for a reboot with Misha, Jared, and Jensen's kids in 20 years:

    here's to the #Supernatural reboot in 20 years with Misha's, Jared's and Jensen's kids. #Supernaturalfinale

    sebroche / Via Twitter: @sebroche

    Basically, I'm already crying over having to say goodbye to this show and I hope these last seven episodes "kick it in the ass."

    Katie Yu / The CW

    Supernatural returns with its final episodes on Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. ET/7 CT on The CW.

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