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19 Students That Hands Down Had A Weirder School Experience Than You

Did your school have a donkey basketball game?

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1. First, these high school students that had to sit through their school's donkey and mini-horse basketball game:

u/bschn100 / Via

2. These kids that had to wash a fucking bulldozer when it drove through their car wash fundraiser:

u/araceli_ann / Via

3. This college bathroom that makes students basically do their business on a stage:

u/AlaskaDota / Via

4. And then, there's this college bathroom that has mini chalkboards in the stalls, just in case a student's million dollar idea strikes right then and there:

u/jessedavid88 / Via

5. These high school students that were replaced by a duck because they missed picture day:

u/The-Lying-Tree / Via

6. These students that had the option to color if they really didn't care about their test grade:

u/XzXbrockXzX / Via

7. These high school students that had the choice to vote for a student who used a pizza box as a poster:

u/sputnik771 / Via

8. These students that showed up to high school, only to be greeted by a brick wall instead of a door:

u/darnruski / Via

9. Imagine receiving candy labeled "ecstasy," "meth," and "shrooms" during a heath class lecture about the dangers of drugs:

u/DogHouseRockers / Via

10. Imagine rolling up to school on your first day of senior year, only to find out parking spaces are assigned by grade point average:

u/Fractal_Plains_of_SD / Via

11. These students that were apparently too frivolous with their pogo stick privileges:

u/bludshotbeats / Via

12. These students had an ~interesting~ brand of soap in their bathrooms:

u/StefQuiznos / Via

13. These students that had to avoid parking in this spot just in case Captain Kirk and The Enterprise touched down:

u/FuckIt_FineillJoin / Via

14. These college students that had to get through the inevitable snack cravings during finals week with "gently expired" chips:

u/ayomight / Via

15. These high school graduates that had to walk through a life-size version of their class ring before receiving one:

u/singingchick / Via

16. These students that put themselves on their teacher's wall of quiz shaming:

Imgur / Via

17. These students that had to deal with their teacher gluing calculators to bricks so that they wouldn't be stolen:

Imgur / Via

18. Then, these students that had to stare at a stamp of their teacher's face every week once they completed their assignments:

u/MarkZuckerbritches / Via

19. And finally, this student that received a fake pill bottle from a college that was interested in recruiting them:

u/stlblews / Via

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