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    Stephanie Beatriz Talks About Her First Impressions Of Her "B99" Castmates, Almost Meeting Dolly Parton, And More

    "Love her with every part of my soul. And there she was, like two feet in front of me."

    If you are a fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, chances are you are also a huge fan of Stephanie Beatriz.

    So, to celebrate Stephanie's upcoming starring role in Disney's Encanto, we sat down with her to chat all about her first times.

    From her first crush to what her first impressions were of her fellow Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast members, she spilled it all.

    But my absolute favorite story was when she talked about the first time she was truly starstruck, and it involved the legendary Dolly Parton.

    "I was backstage at Rockefeller Center. Dolly Parton was there doing a morning show. She sang from her new album, and then she walked by me in the hallway."

    Like literally everyone on the planet, Stephanie kind of froze when Dolly walked toward her.

    So, even though Stephanie's brain was screaming "SAY SOMETHING," Stephanie's mouth didn't get the memo.

    Stephanie says she made eye contact with Dolly but never said anything

    Tragically, the story ends with Stephanie never getting to tell Dolly how much she means to her, but now I desperately need Stephanie to get a redo.

    You can watch the full video where Stephanie tells her Dolly Parton story and more below:

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    And be sure to catch Stephanie in Encanto, which is in theaters now.