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    Updated on Nov 13, 2019. Posted on Nov 13, 2019

    "Star Wars: A New Hope" Changed The Iconic Han Solo And Greedo Scene (Again) For Disney+

    "Every bounty hunter in the galaxy will be looking for you."

    So, it's no secret that Star Wars: A New Hope is one of the most iconic movies of all time.


    The movie introduced us to Luke, Leia, Han, Obi-Wan, and Darth Vader, and has since spawned countless fan theories and discussions.


    One of the most widely talked about scenes is when Han Solo and bounty hunter Greedo talk in the Mos Eisley cantina.


    The "Han shot first" moment has been discussed as Star Wars fans debate if Han actually shot a defenseless Greedo.


    In the original theatrical release, Han shoots first from underneath the table.

    LucasFilms / Via

    Then, in the 1997 Special Edition release, Greedo shoots first, and then Han kills him — Han's head was also altered to look like he moved away from the shot.

    LucasFilms / Via

    And then, years later when a new version of the DVDs were released, the scene was changed again to show Han and Greedo shooting at basically the same time.


    Well, now the classic scene has been altered for a fourth time on Disney+ and it's actually hilarious that it's still being changed.


    The new version includes Greedo muttering something right before Han says "Yes, I bet you have" — Greedo's new line isn't subtitled, but some fans think it sounds like he says "Maclunkey."


    Then, Han and Greedo shoot at the exact same time, and Greedo's shot hits far away from Han's head.


    According to Vanity Fair, the Disney+ edit was a change George Lucas made himself before LucasFilms was sold to Disney in 2012.


    The new version has re-opened this classic Star Wars conversation, and it now includes what the heck Greedo's last words could mean:

    I hope they keep changing the Han-Greedo moment forever. Greedo shoots first. Han shoots first. They both shoot at the same time. The bartender shoots first. Han kisses Greedo. Greedo kisses Han. An extended 15-minute wedding sequence. Just keep this shit going on.

    Twitter: @Shvartacus / Via Twitter: @Shvartacus

    Hot take: they should make tiny changes to the Han/Greedo scene every year to troll the people claim that they're "still mad" about the Special Editions.

    Twitter: @ericfell / Via Twitter: @ericfell

    #Maclunkey Just because it’s so weirdly funny.

    Twitter: @StephenKing / Via Twitter: @StephenKing

    Whether Han or Greedo shoots first, Lucas always shoots last #maclunkey #disneyplus

    Twitter: @No_More_Movies / Via Twitter: @No_More_Movies

    “Maclunkey” was the name of Greedo’s childhood sled 🛷 #StarWars #DisneyPlus

    Twitter: @EdmundHanlon / Via Twitter: @EdmundHanlon

    Basically, I'm simultaneously obsessed with this new Han and Greedo debate and can't believe we've opened this Star Wars wound again.


    What do you think of the new version of this scene? Tell us in the comments below!

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