Here's What Spotify Wrapped Actually Looks Like From The POV Of Your Favorite Singers, Bands, And More

    "This is kind of the most exciting slide. It's basically the opposite perspective of what you get as a fan when you get a Wrapped."

    It's the most wonderful time of the year: Spotify Wrapped.

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    Every year, on the day that Spotify Wrapped drops, it's so much fun to see what your friends — and even celebs — have been listening to throughout the year. Whether it's a new band they discovered, the instrumental music they listen to while they work, or, you know, Taylor Swift's latest album, I honestly love looking at it all.

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    One thing I've always wondered is what my favorite singers, bands, songwriters, and more get to see when they get their Wrapped for being an artist on Spotify.

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    Noah Kahan, who was my #2 most listened to artist of 2023, shared this general overview of what his Spotify for Artists Wrapped looked like:

    Seasonal Affective Disorder and it’s consequences

    — Noah Kahan (@NoahKahan) November 29, 2023
    Noah Kahan / Spotify / X / Via

    Rachel Zegler posted her artist stats for the year, and noted that it reportedly didn't even cover the release of The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes album, which she's heavily featured on.

    Screenshot of Rachel Zegler's Spotify Wrapped

    Spotify for Artists also shared what Victoria Monét's streaming minutes were, with 2023 featuring the release of her debut studio album Jaguar II.

    Screenshot of Victoria Monét's Spotify Wrapped

    While a lot of singers and bands share the general overview of what their Wrapped gives them, the indie band The Wldlfe broke down how detailed it really is, and it's super interesting.

    Jansen Hogan, who is in The Wldlfe alongside Jack Crane and Carson Hogan, posted a video of him breaking down the stats they received.

    Screenshot from The Wldlfe's TikTok

    For context, in 2023, the band released their new album Goodbye to All of That, 2023 and went on tour with The Band Camino, who were actually my #4 top artist of 2023.

    "We had 1.2 million listeners, more than we've ever had," Jansen began.

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    He also pointed out that it told them that people spent the equivalent of 64 years listening to their music, which is apparently how long it would take to walk from the Earth to the moon seven times.

    "This is one of my favorite slides. It actually tells you at what point in the year you had the most people listening to you at the same time," Jansen said. The Wldlfe's was Monday, Oct. 16, 2023, which happened to be when they were on tour with The Band Camino.

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    Spotify then broke it down even further, and 2,082 people listened to The Wldlfe between 4 and 5 p.m., with Jansen saying, "I think it's the highest I've ever seen it be, so pretty cool."

    The Spotify Wrapped for Artists even went into how many new people listened to The Wldlfe for the first time this year, with it being 559,902.

    And it told them just HOW people shared their music with friends, with 31% of people sending their music through texts. And it showed which songs were shared the most, which were "Blood Orange," "All My Friends," and "Lonely."

    Screenshot of The Wldlfe's Spotify

    Just like our Spotify Wrappeds, artists also get to see what their top song, aka the most played, of the year was. In this case, it was "All My Friends."

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    "This is kind of the most exciting slide. It's basically the opposite perspective of what you get as a fan when you get a Wrapped," Jansen said before introducing the final breakdown artists reportedly receive.

    Artists are able to see how many times they appeared in fans' Top 10 Artists, Top 5 Artists, and Top Artist for 2023.

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    You can watch the full video where Jansen breaks down Spotify Wrapped from a band's POV below:

    The Wldlfe / TikTok / Via

    And you can check out all of The Wldlfe's music here. I personally recommend "Blood Orange" and "Lonely."