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    The New "Spider-Man" Trailer Has Me Concerned That Tony Stark Doesn't Survive "Endgame"

    "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good!"

    The first Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer was just released and I could not be more excited.


    Not only is Peter Parker alive and well following Avengers: Infinity War, but Jake Gyllenhaal looks amazing as Mysterio.


    But, because this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, my happiness was fleeting when I noticed that Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.


    A quick refresher: When we last saw Tony Stark, all of his friends, including Peter, were turned to dust by Thanos, and basically all hope was lost.


    Cut to the Avengers: Endgame trailer where we see Tony floating in space, running out of air, and recording a final message to Pepper Potts.


    Now, while we aren't exactly sure ~when~ Far From Home will be taking place, there are some details from the trailer that make Tony's ultimate fate seem pretty grim.

    For starters, when Happy is holding the check for the fundraiser, the check is signed by Pepper Potts.


    Now, Pepper has been running the company since Iron Man 2, but given Tony and Peter's relationship, this raised some reg flags.

    Aunt May reminds Peter to pack his suit, but Peter doesn't want to. In fact, he can barely LOOK at the suit Tony made for him.


    Also, since when does Peter not want to be Spider-Man? He loves being a superhero more than anyone, so something serious must've happened.


    You know, besides basically dying thanks to Thanos.

    Later, Happy appears to be talking to Peter and mentions that he's "all alone" while sitting on a Stark Industries private plane.


    Also, I love Nick Fury, but I found it a little odd that he was going to Peter for help instead of Tony — especially because Tony has been such a mentor to Peter up until now.


    Along with me, fans are already freaking out that Iron Man might not be around much longer:

    When Tony Stark isn’t in the trailer #SpidermanFarFromHome

    Twitter: @bluke123 / Via Twitter: @bluke123

    happy: “you’re all alone.” me: powerful line inner me: TONY STARK IS DEAD #SpidermanFarFromHome

    Twitter: @marvelunsolved / Via Twitter: @marvelunsolved

    Me ignoring VERY CLEAR signs that The Tony Stark might be dead #SpiderManFarFromHome

    Twitter: @qbrown_2 / Via Twitter: @qbrown_2

    #SpiderManFarFromHome People: Here is the evidence that Tony Stark is dead. Me:

    Twitter: @TheMarvelFandom / Via Twitter: @TheMarvelFandom

    So, I'm just going to be sitting here patiently waiting for Tony Stark to be alive and well, THANK YOU.


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