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21 Serial Killer Wikipedia Pages That Will Freak You The Fuck Out

Pedro López confessed to killing 300 young girls and his whereabouts are unknown.

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1. Jeffrey Dahmer, nicknamed the "Milwaukee Cannibal," murdered, cannibalized, and dismembered 17 men and boys.

Milwaukee Police Department / Via, Eugene Garcia / AFP / Getty Images

Dahmer was diagnosed with multiple personality disorders, but was still found to be fit for trial. He was sentenced to 16 life sentences in total, but was beaten to death in prison by a fellow inmate.

2. The Zodiac Killer, who potentially murdered up to 37 people in California and Nevada, has never been identified. The killer sent several cryptograms to the local press, but only one has ever been solved.

A&E / Via

Several suspects have been named by the police, but there has never been enough evidence to convict anyone. The case was marked inactive in 2004, but was reopened 10 years ago.

3. Luis Garavito, nicknamed "The Beast," confessed to killing 147 boys, ages 6 to 16, over a seven-year period in Colombia.

Youtube / Via

While in prison, Garavito drew maps identifying the locations of his victims' bodies. Police estimate that his victim count could reach over 300 because he continues to confess to murders to this day.


4. Gary Ridgway, also known as "The Green River Killer," targeted sex workers from Seattle and was convicted of killing 49 women.

Josh Trujillo-Pool / Getty Images, Public Domain / Via

He earned his nickname after police found five of his victims in the Green River. Ridgway is thought to have killed more people than any other American serial killer in history.

5. Ed Gein, nicknamed "The Butcher of Plainfield," dug up corpses from graveyards and created keepsakes out of their bodies.

Via, Ysbrand Cosijn / Getty Images

All of the graves Gein dug up were of women that looked like his mother. He has been the inspiration for several fictional characters, including Norman Bates, Leatherface, and Buffalo Bill.

6. Belle Gunness killed her boyfriends, husbands, and even her children. She would then collect her victims' life insurance and any other valuables they had.

7. Pedro López confessed to killing 300 young girls, but the true total remains unknown. Despite being one of the most notorious serial killers of the 20th century, he was released in 1998 and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Youtube / Via

López earned the nickname "Monster of the Andes." Before being caught, he led the police to the graves of 53 of his victims in Ecuador. He was found guilty of murdering 110 young girls.


8. Tsutomu Miyazaki, nicknamed "Dracula Miyazaki," killed four little girls. He earned his nickname because he drank the blood of one of his victims.

Jiji Press / AFP / Getty Images, YouTube / Via

While on trial, Miyazaki claimed that "Rat Man," his alter ego, convinced and forced him to kill his victims. He even would sketch "Rat Man" while in court.

9. Ted Bundy confessed to murdering 30 young women in the 1970s. Even after his confession, his total victim count still remains unknown.

Public Domain / Via, YouTube / Via

Bundy's victims who escaped said he used his good looks to lure them in and win them over. He would assault his victims and then drag them to a remote area. Sometimes Bundy would even return to their burial sites and perform sexual acts with their decomposing bodies.

10. Harold Shipman, known as "Doctor Death," is believed to have killed 250 people. He injected heroin into his patients and then falsified their medical records.

Getty Images, The Mirror

"The Shipman Inquiry" was an investigation of all the deaths Shipman certified. By the end of the inquiry, 218 of his victims were identified. He hung himself in prison right before his 58th birthday.

11. Dean Corll, nicknamed "The Candy Man," murdered 28 young boys in Texas. His family owned a candy store and he would lure his victims in with sweet treats.

YouTube / Via

Corll's crimes are known as the "Houston Mass Murders." After Corll was fatally shot by his accomplice, details of his killings emerged.


12. Frederick Mors killed eight elderly patients in New York. He was sent to an asylum, escaped, and was never caught.

Public Domain, Allanswart / Getty Images

Using arsenic and chloroform he would smother his patients to death, claiming that he was relieving them of their pain.

13. Jane Toppan, nicknamed "Jolly Jane," was a nurse that confessed to poisoning 31 patients. After overdosing them, she would get in their beds and lie with them as they died.

Public Domain / Via, Pablo_k / Getty Images

She said later that her goal was to kill more people than anyone else who had ever lived.

14. Between killing his mother at age 13 and his wife and niece at age 47, Charlie Brandt is also linked to 26 unsolved murders in the state of Florida.

CBS News / Via, Peterhermesfurian / Getty Images

After killing his pregnant mother, Brandt was sent to a psychiatric hospital, but was later released by his doctors.

15. Aileen Wuornos shot seven men to death in Florida while she was working as a sex worker

Getty Images, YouTube / Via

While on trial, Wuornos said that her victims had raped her while she was working and that was why she killed them. She was executed in 2002.


16. Juan Corona was convicted of murdering 25 migrant farm workers. He buried his victims in a fruit orchard in California.

Public Record / Via, Beaer_photo / Getty Images

His victims were all disfigured and stabbed several times before he buried them. It's still unknown how many people Corona killed in total.

17. Charles Cullen, nicknamed "The Angel of Death," poisoned his patients with unprescribed medication. It's believed that he contributed to the deaths of over 400 people.

John Wheeler / Getty Images, 60 Minutes / Via

Cullen believed that he was relieving his patients' suffering like an angel would.

18. Andrei Chikatilo, nicknamed "The Red Ripper," confessed to torturing and killing 56 women and children in the Soviet Union.

Rostov Police Department / Via, YouTube / Via

Chikatilo was convicted of 52 counts of murder and was executed in February 1994.

19. Alexander Pichushkin, known as "The Chessboard Killer," targeted homeless men who he lured to his home with vodka. He killed at least 48 people and initially said he wanted to complete the number of squares on a chessboard and kill 64 people.

AFP / Getty Images, Gabor Izso / Getty Images

Pichushkin would bash his victims' heads in and then leave the empty vodka bottle in the open wound. It's believed that he was in competition to kill more people than Andrei Chikatilo.

20. John Wayne Gacy, nicknamed the "Killer Clown," dressed up as a clown and killed 33 young boys and men. Some of his victims were buried in the crawl space of his home in Chicago.

http://YouTube/ / Via

Gacy would lure his victims to his own home with gifts and then strangle them to death.

21. And finally, Jack the Ripper killed numerous young sex workers in London by slashing their throats and removing their organs. The killer's identity remains unknown to this day.

Public Domain / Via, Carl De Souza / AFP / Getty Images

The nickname "Jack the Ripper" came from a letter sent to a newspaper in which someone claimed to be the killer. However, the letter is now believed to be a hoax created by journalists at the time. The killer's exact number of victims still remains unknown.


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