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    17 Pictures That Show How Hilarious Teachers Really Are

    Teachers are the greatest gift!

    1. First, this teacher who held up a giant picture of his face so no one would get lost during a fire drill:

    u/ImIsaacOk / Via

    2. This teacher that made a student dance when he was late to class:

    My professor makes you dance when you’re late to his class. This is college.

    Twitter: @_vvanee / Via Twitter: @_vvanee

    3. This teacher who used a stamp of his own face to check off if a student completed their homework:

    u/MarkZuckerbritches / Via

    4. This teacher who brought a coffin to class because his students' scores "had him dead":

    Lmaooo 💀😂 my professor really brought a mf coffin to class to say “yall test scores had me dead”

    Twitter: @elmariochido / Via Twitter: @elmariochido

    5. This teacher who glued a calculator to a brick so that students wouldn't steal it:

    Imgur / Via

    6. This teacher who handed a student a quill and ink when he forgot a pen for a test:

    Imgur / Via

    7. This teacher that wasn't taking any bullshit when a student snuck their phone out during a lecture:

    I snuck out my phone during lecture and immediately received this ... cue the x files theme

    Twitter: @elizwsmith / Via Twitter: @elizwsmith

    8. This art teacher who created a "tool graveyard" for all their broken tools:

    u/Axel_Ols / Via

    9. This adorable teacher who brought his wife to class just so that they could have a lightsaber fight:

    hi, this is my 85 year old physics teacher him and his wife just had a light saber fight

    Twitter: @Sam_Steer10 / Via Twitter: @Sam_Steer10

    10. This teacher who created a quiz shaming wall for their students to add themselves to:

    Imgur / Via

    11. This teacher who gave their students a pop culture terms quiz so that they could all understand today's hip lingo:

    Imgur / Via

    12. These music teachers who didn't want to be bothered so they created unique knocking rhythms for their students to figure out:

    u/bestplayer23 / Via

    13. This teacher who gave their students the option to color if they got bored while taking a test:

    u/XzXbrockXzX / Via

    14. This teacher who decided to drink "students' tears" during class:

    Tumblr / Via

    15. This teacher who went to extreme lengths to make sure her students weren't cheating:

    My teacher left the room during a test so we all started sharing answers. Then I look up and she was staring right at me 😳👩🏽‍🏫😩

    Twitter: @josephxmorales / Via Twitter: @josephxmorales

    16. This chemistry teacher that made their students take a model of a molecule as a bathroom pass:

    u/Axedelic / Via

    17. And finally, this teacher who had some fun with his yearbook photo:

    Imgur / Via

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