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    Pedro Pascal Is So Good At Playing A Dad In TV Shows And Movies, And These Jokes Sum Up Everyone's Obsession With It

    In both The Last of Us and The Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal proves he's the person you call when you need an actor to play a single dad who works too hard.

    🚨 There are spoilers ahead for The Last of Us and The Mandalorian. 🚨

    It's no secret that 2023 really belongs to Pedro Pascal. Between his award-worthy turn as Joel Miller in The Last of Us, the return of The Mandalorian, and one of the best Saturday Night Live hosting appearances in recent memory, it's Pedro's world, and we're just living in it.

    Closeup of Pedro Pascal

    Now, while Pedro has an expansive list of acting credits under his belt, one thing everyone loves pointing out is that there's a certain type of character he loves to play: dad.

    Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey

    Whether it's fighting clickers alongside Ellie (Bella Ramsey) in a post-apocalyptic world or protecting Grogu, aka Baby Yoda, from a whole universe of enemies, Pedro is just really good at playing a dad.

    Screenshots from "The Last of Us" and "The Mandalorian"

    Speaking about how he just always seems to be cast as a father figure, Pedro told the Hollywood Reporter, "You start to recognize a thread between your characters that you didn't necessarily look for, but got cast in."

    Closeup of Pedro Pascal

    "I don't have kids. I've only learned through these characters how painfully vulnerable one becomes and how much your life depends on their life being OK," he added. "It's a fun fantasy to fulfill, and I'll play as many dads as I can get."

    Screenshots from "The Last of Us" and "The Mandalorian"

    I think I speak for everyone when I say, please, Pedro, never stop playing our favorite dads.

    Closeup of Pedro Pascal

    So, to celebrate Pedro and his now iconic dad roles, below are some of the best reactions to Pedro's work:

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    @filmskyrie / Paramount Pictures / Via Twitter: @filmskyrie


    hollywood: “so there’s this role of a single dad-” pedro pascal:

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    @wizardjarin / HBO / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @wizardjarin


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    if I had a nickel for every time Pedro Pascal has played a dad who should have worn better skull protection I’d have…quite a few nickels, actually

    @mothmandalorian / HBO /  Liane Hentscher/HBO / Via Twitter: @mothmandalorian


    what if david harbour and pedro pascal played dads in a rom com and their kids plotted to make them fall in love

    Twitter: @bridgerspike


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    @kastinfinity / Disney+ / HBO / Via Twitter: @kastinfinity


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    pedro pascal continues to collect single dad roles like infinity stones

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    it’s a pedro pascal dad cinematic universe thing. #TheLastOfUs #TheMandalorian

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    pedro pascal said: 2023 is my girl dad era 🫶

    @jess_boob / HBO / Via Twitter: @jess_boob


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    shout out to pedro pascal playing a single dad gotta be one of my favorite genres #TheLastOfUs

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    Long live the Pedro Pascal single dad cinematic universe #TheLastofUs

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    The "Pedro Pascal teaching good manners to his kids" cinematic universe

    @wizardjarin / HBO / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @wizardjarin


    #TheLastOfUs #TLOU spoilers - - - Pedro Pascal’s characters 🤝 their adopted kids having to perform surgical procedures on them

    @valentinescyare / HBO / Via Twitter: @valentinescyare


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    #thelastofus SPOILERS - - - - - them both feeling like they have to let go of their children to keep them safe…

    @KENOBlDJARlN / HBO / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @KENOBlDJARlN


    my favourite form of entertainment is when grumpy men become loving fathers to their adoptive kids #tlou #thelastofus

    @counterfetts / Courtesy of HBO / Disney+/Lucasfilm / Courtesy Everett Collection / Katalin Vermes via Netflix / 20th Century Fox / Via Twitter: @counterfetts


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    29. And finally:

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