Here Are Just 27 Times Bella Ramsey And Pedro Pascal From "The Last Of Us" Were Hilarious And Wholesome Together Behind The Scenes

    Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal not being able to get through a single interview or The Last of Us scenes without laughing is my favorite thing.

    1. First, when Pedro Pascal revealed that his nickname for Bella Ramsey is "Bellie," and called her his "blessing."

    pedro saying "i call her bellie and she's my blessing

    2. And then, when Bella revealed their nickname for Pedro:

    HOW I MISS YOU I really really miss you. My Pedge.

    Bella Ramsey / HBO Max / Via Twitter: @BellaRamsey

    3. When they were doing an intro for a behind-the-scenes video and couldn't be serious for more than two seconds.

    hi i'm bella, hi i'm pedro and then together they say, and we're from planet earth then laugh

    4. When Bella and Pedro explained what they would do if the two of them were trapped in a zombie apocalypse in real life.

    one says, cling to each other and cry and the other adds, and um probably i don't know, not make it

    5. When Bella shared this adorable photo from filming The Last of Us Episode 8, where she and Pedro were just cuddling.

    the two cuddled up while on set on a dirty blanket and mattress

    6. When Pedro mentioned that Bella knows how to play guitar and asked their permission before getting the crowd to chant for them to play.

    the crowd chanting as bella plays

    7. When Pedro said he'd want to bring Oberyn Martell's robe from Game of Thrones to The Last of Us universe, and he made Bella (and himself) laugh by demonstrating what he'd do with it.

    pedro saying, just like swish swish while making the motions that he would move around in the jacket

    8. And then, when Bella said she'd want to take Lyanna Mormont's armor from Game of Thrones, and it somehow made Pedro's answer even funnier.

    pedro saying, i could be swishing around and you would be protecting me basically, like i would just e swishing behind you

    9. When Bella explained that they feel protective over Pedro after filming as Ellie and Joel.

    i feel protective of him we love each other

    10. When they adorably walked The Last of Us premiere red carpet hand-in-hand:

    the cast photo with pedro and bella holding hands

    11. And when they shared this smiley hug on the red carpet as well:

    the two hugging

    12. When they tried out some "dad jokes" on each other and it went about as well as you'd expect.

    the two laughing telling dad jokes

    13. When Bella posted this sweet photo with Pedro and Nico Parker, and Pedro commented: "My two little big bosses ❤️❤️."

    pedro in the middle with his arms around each

    14. When Pedro and Bella stole Anna Torv's phone while filming and took this incredible selfie together:

    Anna Torv left her phone unattended. She returned to this photo.

    Bella Ramsey / Via Twitter: @BellaRamsey

    15. When Bella revealed that they started to say inside jokes while filming The Last of Us in order to get Pedro to laugh during scenes when Joel needed to laugh or smile.

    bella talking about inside jokes with pedro and says, like the wiver of death, remember and pedro laughs

    16. When Pedro posted this photo of him and Bella FaceTiming because they just missed each other so much:

    the two on facetime

    17. When Bella quoted one of Pedro's interviews back to him and he got so excited.

    bella says, i'm your daddy, daddy is state of mind and pedro says, you're quoting me!

    Bella even shared the clip too:

    Bella Ramsey / Entertainment Tonight / Via Twitter: @BellaRamsey

    18. When Bella revealed that Pedro wrote her a card after The Last of Us filming wrapped that read, "How interesting that something so huge and life-changing should happen so early in your life and so late in mine."

    a scene from the show where the two hug and pedro says, it's okay baby girl i got you

    19. When Bella hyped up Pedro by commenting "Hot" on a picture of his Flaunt Magazine cover shoot:

    the comment

    20. And when Pedro commented on a photo of Bella from The Last of Us premiere with "Beauty":

    the comment

    21. When they apparently couldn't get through multiple takes on The Last of Us without laughing, and they blamed each other for whose fault it really was.

    bella says, you learnt very quickly i was easy to make laugh and pedro, shocked, says you learned how easy it was to me laugh

    22. When Pedro said he took "some gray hair" from The Last of Us set after filming wrapped, and Bella adorably said it suited him.

    pedro saying his grey hair is natural and bella says, you suit it

    23. When Pedro and Bella reunited on stage at the 2022 Game Awards with Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker — who did the motion capture and voice performances for Joel and Elle in The Last of Us video games — and Pedro and Troy literally bowed down to Bella and Ashley.

    the two bowing at bella on stage

    24. And then, after they all presented the award for Best Action Game, when Pedro and Bella stood off to the side and Pedro just naturally put his arm around Bella.

    pedro's arm around bella

    25. When Bella shared these incredible film photos they took of Pedro and the rest of the cast from shooting The Last of Us:

    26. When they decided to just totally switch names during an intro for an interview, and Pedro quickly came up with the perfect combo of their names.

    pedro says he's bella ramsey and vice versa and then bella says she's bella pascal and pedro says he's beldro ramscal

    27. And finally, when they simply never wanted to leave each other alone. Ever.

    bella says, don't ever leave me and pedro says, i won't i'll be here forever