Everyone Is Obsessed With JJ And Kiara's Storyline In "Outer Banks" Season 3, So Here's Why They Are The Best

    I just really need to talk about Rudy Pankow and Madison Bailey's amazing chemistry in Outer Banks.

    🚨 There are obviously BIG spoilers ahead for Outer Banks, including Season 3! 🚨

    Outer Banks is officially back for Season 3 on Netflix and I've just really missed the Pogues. The new season has only been streaming for less than a week, but it's already No. 1 on Netflix's Top 10 TV shows list in the US.

    Four people stand on a tarmac in front of a small plane. One of them is cradling the other's face while the rest of the group looks on

    And while the show has gone well past these kids looking for gold in OBX, I still enjoy every second of this chaotic and wonderful treasure hunting series. Honestly, it's a comfort show of mine at this point.

    A group of five people looking over a fence

    Outer Banks Season 3 kicked off with John B. (Chase Stokes), Sarah (Madelyn Cline), JJ (Rudy Pankow), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), Kiara (Madison Bailey), and Cleo (Carlacia Grant) escaping the island they found themselves stranded on at the end of Season 2, only to run into even more danger once they're rescued, and even when they eventually return to OBX alongside the thought-to-be-dead Big John (Charles Halford).

    While the chaos of finding the legendary El Dorado treasure and its connection to the Royal Merchant occupied a lot of the storylines this season, the best was the budding relationship between JJ and Kie, which fans have been wanting since literally Season 1.

    JJ and Kie riding a motorcycle together

    I mean, the way JJ hugs Kie after she escapes from Singh (Andy McQueen) was enough to sustain my little shipper heart for years, but that was just the beginning.

    Season 3, Episode 9 — titled "Welcome to Kitty Hawk" — features JJ mounting a full-blown rescue mission to break Kie out of Kitty Hawk, a camp her parents have sent her to against her will.

    It's there that the duo finally share their long-awaited first kiss (and JJ says "I love you" back), and it's simply perfect and adorable.

    THEIR SMILES. I cannot.

    Speaking to Decider about JJ and Kiara's first kiss, Rudy said, "I think this is something the writers clocked that the fans really were demanding. So, I'm excited to have the fans that do want that, to see that."

    Meanwhile, Madison added, "I think we’re finally seeing them act on their chemistry that has been present since Season 1 and is slightly overdue. But, no, it didn't catch me off guard."

    Madison also explained that she loved that their kiss came during such a high stakes episode for Kie, saying, "That's why that moment was so special, because it was like I didn't know when I was going to see anyone again, and he didn't know whether he would find me or not. I love that moment. I think it makes sense."

    So, if you're someone who watched Outer Banks and also love JJ and Kiara, like me, these tweets below are for you:

    i would like to send netflix my therapy bill for making me live through kiara thinking jj was dead (again) #outerbanks

    Nora Dominick / Netflix / Via Twitter: @noradominick

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    the way jj and kiara look at each other 😭

    @fxckoklahoma / Netflix / Via Twitter: @fxckoklahoma

    no but jj has been pining for kiara for SO LONG and now that she reciprocates, he’s so shocked and freaked out and probably didnt think she’d ever feel the same so now he’s dreading on the fact he doesnt deserve her so he pushes her away. IM GONNA THROW UP

    @kcluuya / HBO / Via Twitter: @kcluuya

    if s1 JJ knew THE kiara carrera would be sitting on his bike with her hands and legs wrapped all the way around him, he’d actually have a heart attack

    @ssjiara / Jackson Lee Davis / Netflix / Via Twitter: @ssjiara

    every time jj says kiara i gain another year of life.

    @JJKI4RAS / Netflix / Via Twitter: @JJKI4RAS

    John B and Kie with their emotional support blondes ❤️ @obxnetflix

    @goingfullpogue / Netflix / Via Twitter: @goingfullpogue

    I am literally all the girls cheering in the background when JJ and Kiara kissed.

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @netflix

    this sent me into orbit, around the moon, through poguelandia, and back to the chateau 😮‍💨💥

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @obxnetflix

    jj without kiara is absolutely nothing. did you heard that? because i did.

    @shivhabibi / Entertainment Weekly / Via Twitter: @shivhabibi

    “kiara’s like i loved you the whole time we’ve been friends” ITS ALWAYS BEEN JJ 🥺😭

    @jiaraaas / Entertainment Weekly / Via Twitter: @jiaraaas

    JJ and Kiara invented the best friends to lovers trope. #Outerbanks | #OBX3

    @yehtuhogaaa / Netflix / Via Twitter: @yehtuhogaaa

    jj apologizing for pushing her away and regretting not apologizing sooner and kiara saying she loves him no matter what which is what she had been trying to tell him since the beginning of the season PEOPLE DIED.

    @diorwaldorf / Netflix / Via Twitter: @diorwaldorf

    “ i think when kiara looks at jj she kinda sees the life that she wants” MYSTOMQXHHWJSEBAQNS

    @bellblakesho3 / TVLine / Via Twitter: @bellblakesho3

    jj not knowing how to be romantic and being afraid of not knowing how to treat kiara right?? i cry

    @kiesvalentine / Entertainment Weekly / Via Twitter: @kiesvalentine

    This is literally all I wanted. John B teasing jj about kiara.

    @ravnboy / Netflix / Via Twitter: @ravnboy

    jj doing everything he can not to kiss kiara because he thinks he's not good enough for her and he's scared he will blow up things with her I'M FINE #Jiara #OuterBanks

    @elqnasfilms / Netflix / Via Twitter: @elqnasfilms
    @jiaraskidd / Netflix / Via Twitter: @jiaraskidd

    sorry the direction with jiara this season was genius. jj’s been wanting her forever so for it be about him having to face the fact that she wants him back and all of the vulnerability issues that have kept him quiet up until now was CRAZY. straight from the fandom

    Twitter: @mayreras

    Since season 1 we were waiting for JJ and Kiara to get together.. It has been 1045 days and now we got it. Kie and JJ are together. This is how winning feels like. #Jiara #OBX3

    @jjnkiara / Netflix / Via Twitter: @jjnkiara

    my endgame! ❤️‍🔥 #OuterBanks #OBX3 #Jiara #lovethem https://t.co/4gx0oZZrFg

    @dreamerxfangirl / Netflix / Via Twitter: @dreamerxfangirl

    now i need JJ version we know that Kiara also can do stupid things, just like she separated from them and went to get this guy... I NEED PARALLEL IN S4 LIKE JJ FREAKING OUT SAYING "NEVER DO THAT AGAIN" and the way he would really go crazy #obx3 #jiara

    @JulllieyDark / Netflix / Via Twitter: @JulllieyDark

    In conclusion:

    daily reminder that jj and kiara are dating!

    @jiarasletters / Netflix / Via Twitter: @jiarasletters

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