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The Cast Of "One Day At A Time" Found Out Which Character They Are, And Now You Can Too

"I would love to see Rita on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. That would be really fun!"

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With One Day at a Time returning this fall, we had Isabella Gomez, Justina Machado, Todd Grinnell, Rita Moreno, Marcel Ruiz, and Stephen Tobolowsky take a quiz to find out which character they REALLY are.

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Is Rita actually like Lydia? Which TV show does Isabella desperately want to guest star on? Watch the video below to find out!

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Now it's your turn! Take our "Which One Day at a Time Character Are You?" quiz below and compare your results with the cast's!

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  1. First, how would you describe yourself?

  2. Pick a school subject:

  3. Which One Day at a Time character would you trust with a secret?

  4. Which TV series would you love to guest star on?

  5. What is one skill you wish you were really good at?

  6. Choose a family sitcom:

  7. And finally, pick an important moment from One Day at a Time:

Be sure to catch Isabella, Justina, Todd, Rita, Marcel, and Stephen on One Day at a Time when it returns with Season 4 on Oct. 5 at 9 p.m. ET/8 CT on CBS.

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