23 "Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness" Details From Their Super Bowl Trailer That Are Simply Mind-Blowing

    I am ready for Wanda Maximoff's villain era, I'm not even sorry.

    Oh, hello. As you can probably assume, I am having an absolute breakdown over the new Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer.

    A promo poster for the new film featuring images of Dr. Strange and Wanda spliced together

    Like, I feel safe letting you all know that I fully started weeping at a Super Bowl party when Marvel had the audacity to drop this trailer BEFORE the game. I was caught off guard. I was unprepared. My family now thinks I'm chaotic.

    Wanda saying "That doesn't seem fair"

    Picking up after the events of WandaVision and Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is now dealing with some major problems after cracking open the multiverse to help Peter Parker (whoever he is 😉). Meanwhile, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) is attempting to move on from Westview while secretly studying the Darkhold.

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    Basically, SO much happens in this barely two-minute trailer and I need to talk about every detail, Easter egg, and out-of-this-world theory I've got, because this is the multiverse and anything can happen.

    So, here are all the details and Easter eggs I spotted in this trailer:

    1. In the first shot of the trailer, we get a glimpse of Doctor Strange watching as the Sanctum Sanctorum starts to disappear in what looks like a deadly reality that has been created.

    2. You can spot that the back of Strange's cloak appears to have been repaired with a blue material, and in previous concept art for Doctor Strange, a blue cloak was almost used.

    3. We saw it in the first teaser trailer, but I'm so obsessed with this shot, I have to point this out again. This is Stephen's watch we previously saw in Doctor Strange, and the broken watch could symbolize how time (and space) are fracturing.

    4. In the beginning of the trailer, you get a great look at America Chavez's signature jean jacket from the Marvel comics. The star represents her ability to create star-shaped portals that allow her to trek across the multiverse.

    5. When Doctor Strange is performing magic at one point, you can see that he's using red magic, which is typically associated with Chaos Magic, aka the magic Wanda wields.

    Strange saying "I did what I had to do"

    6. This is the first time we get a glimpse of who appears to be Dr. Christine Palmer's future husband. You can spot him standing behind her.

    7. If you look closely, you can see that the tips of Wanda's fingers are turning black, which is the same thing that happened to Agatha when she used the Darkhold in WandaVision.

    8. The door we see Doctor Strange, America, and Christine open could finally be giving us a look at the Nexus of All Realities from the comics.

    9. When Doctor Strange is handcuffed and being walked through a building, he's been flanked by Ultron bots. Basically, it looks like we'll be getting to see what would happen if the Ultron program was successful and worked.

    10. When Doctor Strange walks into this room, you can see several people seated, and a running theory right now is the person all the way on the left could be Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four. It's a little hard to get a clear image, but like, this doesn't seem SUPER far-fetched considering a future Fantastic Four movie is in the works for the MCU.

    11. Now, this is the part of the trailer that really killed me, because while the subtitles say "mystery voice," I would recognize this voice anywhere. It looks like Patrick Stewart is reprising his role as Professor Xavier from the X-Men movies. I am very much not calm.

    12. Now, stick with me here: In the comics, Doctor Strange is part of a group called the Illuminati, which consists of Doctor Strange, Professor Xavier, Reed Richards, Iron Man, Black Bolt, and Namor. Meaning, if this is really Reed AND Professor X, this could be happening.

    13. When Doctor Strange and America Chavez are being sliced apart in this dimension, it looks like Strange is made up of himself and the (evil) version of Doctor Strange, who we previously saw a version of in What If...? Episode 4.

    14. And, just because we are here, an evil version of Doctor Strange also exists in the Marvel comics. In the comics, there is The Necromancer, who is an evil version of Stephen from Counter-Earth. The Necromancer diverged from Stephen's path when he decided to kill Baron Mardo, and his adventures basically paralleled his Earth counterpart.

    Evil Strange saying "Things just got out of hand"

    15. Okay, OKAY. So now, this is where we see someone fighting Wanda, and there are several theories for who it could be. For starters, it could be Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, but I absolutely adore that it could be an alternate version of Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch), who got powers instead of Carol.

    16. I mean, or this could be Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), who got powers just like Carol at some point in time. I would honestly love a Teyonah and Elizabeth Olsen WandaVision reunion, tbh.

    17. And one other pretty out-there theory is that part of this could be us seeing Jean Grey, aka Dark Phoenix from the X-Men universe, who is played by Sophie Turner. I know, y'all, it would make me cry too.

    18. Doctor Strange and America Chavez can be seen in the street fighting what appears to be Shuma-Gorath. Shuma-Gorath is a mythical one-eyed, multiversal tentacle monster who often clashes with Doctor Strange in the comics.

    19. When Wanda talks to Strange about becoming "the enemy," it's almost a shot-for-shot re-creation of the moment at Wanda's farm from the first teaser trailer. This likely means Wanda's farm is a false reality/illusion she has created. I love her so much.

    20. Wanda returns to her and Vision's home in Westview, and we see her coming face-to-face with an alternate version of herself. You can see that this version of the living room appears to be a combination of the living room from WandaVision Episode 6 and the final, modern living room from Episode 9.

    21. Also, the alternate version of Wanda touching real Wanda's face is making me emotional because it's usually what Wanda and Vision did for each other to show affection and to calm each other down. BRB, I am crying.

    22. At the end of the trailer, we see Doctor Strange — who appears to have aged dramatically or is a zombie version of himself — having multiple arms, which is something we saw him do in Infinity War.

    23. Okay, and for this last one, I'm cheating a little because this doesn't actually appear in the trailer, but in the new poster. If you zoom in, you can see what looks like a glass shard featuring Captain Carter's shield. There have been rumors that Hayley Atwell could make her first live-action appearance as Captain Carter after voicing her in What If...? and this appears to be a slight confirmation.

    Well, there you have it! Spot any other cool details or Easter eggs? Have a better theory for one mentioned above? Tell me everything in the comments below!

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters everywhere on May 6, 2022.