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    23 "Moon Knight" Episode 4 Details That Are Small, Clever, And Prove This Is The Best Episode So Far

    Moon Knight Episode 4 is filled with so many great Easter eggs, and I can't stop obsessing over them.

    🚨 Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Moon Knight Episode 4 on Disney+! 🚨

    1. First, Moon Knight has included a lot of symbolism to showcase Marc, Steven, and potentially Jake Lockley, aka three personalities sharing one body. So, because the number three has been big up until this point, I did pause when there were exactly three bullet holes in the windshield of the truck Layla drives.

    2. When Steven enters the tomb, he mentions two important pharaohs: Thutmose II and Nefertiti. Thutmose II was the fourth pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt, and little is known about his reign. Meanwhile, Nefertiti was a queen of the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt, and alongside her husband she reigned during the wealthiest period of ancient Egyptian history and was known for playing a prominent role in the "cult of the sun god known as the Aton." Both Thutmose II and Nefertiti's tombs have never been discovered — however, Thutmose's mummy was.

    3. After teasing Layla's father's death in Episode 3, we officially find out that Marc was there the day he was murdered by mercenaries. This is related to Dr. Peter Alraune's comic book backstory, where it's revealed that Marc was there when Peter died. In the comics, Marc and Marlene Alraune, who Layla is definitely based on, get married and work together too.

    Marc confesses he was there Layla's dad was killed

    4. Also, Marc mentions that he was supposed to die the same night Layla's father was murdered, but he didn't. This is another moment pulled directly from the Moon Knight comics. In the comics, Marc is shot and killed the same night as Peter, but Khonshu saves him, and he becomes Moon Knight.

    5. Okay, OKAY. The psych ward reveal is huge, and this is when Moon Knight is surely going to kick it into high gear for the remaining two episodes. Marc's stay in a psych ward is a storyline pulled directly from Jeff Lemire's Moon Knight comic book series from 2016. This comic book series begins when Marc wakes up in a psych ward, only to find out that his time fighting crime as Moon Knight in NYC could've all been made up.

    Marc in a wheel chair

    6. The bingo caller in the psych ward is Steven's human statue friend, Crawley, from the park, who we met in Episodes 1 and 2 when Steven was leaving work. Also, Crawley is the name of one of Marc's informants from the comic books.

    7. And the first bingo number he calls is "B22" — now this might be a stretch, but Moon Knight Issue #22, from 1982, notably shows Steven Grant, Marc Spector, AND Jake Lockley on the cover, with the trio emerging from three mirrors. Throughout the first four episodes of Moon Knight, mirrors have been very important visually.

    8. And you can see that the bingo caller is holding a hat, which is the same hat Steven made sure people were throwing tips into for Crawley.

    9. One of the patients in the psych ward is seen trying to solve a Rubik's cube, and in Moon Knight Episode 1 we saw Steven solving a cube while trying to stay awake.

    10. The orderly who is handing out Jell-O and other food to patients is Bobbi, who we saw in Episode 2 as one of Harrow's followers who posed as an agent and arrested Steven.

    11. Next up, you can see Donna, who previously played Steven's boss at the museum, hoping that the bingo caller calls some "O's" soon.

    12. The clock that is seen behind Donna in the psych ward appears to use Khonshu's staff as one of the hands on the clock.

    13. The orderly who is pushing around a cart with cupcakes is Layla's acquaintance Bek, who we met in Episode 3 when Marc and Layla were going to meet Mogart.

    14. And Bek's cupcake card connects to Steven/Marc's hilarious chase with Harrow's men while in a cupcake van during Episode 1.

    15. One of the patients in the psych ward is sketching a bird, who appears to have the same head/beak design as Khonshu.

    16. When we finally see Marc in the psych ward, sitting in his favorite spot, you can spot a goldfish in a bowl, which matches up to Steven's one-fin wonder fish Gus from Episode 1.

    17. The orderly who talks to Marc about sitting in his favorite spot and who later helps him back into his wheelchair is Billy, who we saw in Episode 2 as one of Harrow's followers who posed as an agent alongside Bobbi.

    18. When we meet Layla in the psych ward and she talks to Marc, you can see that she's eating what appears to be Turkish delight, just like she did in the opening of Episode 3 when she was getting her fake passport made. Also, Layla is putting up postcards just like the ones Steven had in his apartment.

    19. These are two very obvious details, but I still gotta talk about them. Marc is clutching a Moon Knight action figure when he falls out of his wheelchair, and his leg being tied to the chair mirrors Steven/Marc tying himself to his bed.

    20. In Dr. Harrow's office at the psych ward, you can, of course, spot Arthur's cane and sandals that we saw Arthur Harrow using and wearing throughout the first three episodes of Moon Knight.

    21. And the painting that Marc spots in Dr. Harrow's office matches the place where Steven woke up in Episode 1 before meeting Harrow and his followers for the first time.

    22. Okay, so first Marc finds Steve trapped inside a sarcophagus, and then Marc spots another rattling sarcophagus in a different room in the psych ward. I'm assuming this could be a nod to Jake Lockley, one of Marc's other personalities from the comic books who we have not (officially) met in Moon Knight yet, being trapped inside Marc's head as well.

    23. And finally, Marc and Steven come face-to-face with Taweret, who is a giant hippo goddess of childbirth and the protector of women and children from ancient Egyptian mythology. In fact, Taweret's appearance was first foreshadowed in Episode 1 when Steven was organizing merchandise at the museum with Donna.

    Did you catch any other Easter eggs or cool details? Have a better theory for one mentioned above? Tell me everything in the comments below!

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