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Here Are 23 Mistakes That Everyone Makes When They Go To Disney World For The First Time

Make 👏 FastPass 👏 reservations 👏 before 👏 you 👏 arrive!

1. First time Disney World visitors will arrive without a day by day plan for their stay.

2. Because they're on vacation, they sleep in instead of getting to the park early.

3. They do multiple parks in one day, without taking a break in between.

4. They don't bring the necessary essentials to help them survive an entire day in the park.

5. They wear flip flops, heels, or new shoes to the parks without realizing how much walking they'll be doing.

6. They decide to plan their first trip during a major holiday, like Christmas or New Year's Eve, and they're stunned when the park is super crowded.

7. They think Disney transportation will take too long and decide to take a cab from their hotel.

8. And they fail to factor in travel time when trying to get from park to park.

9. They don't set up a My Disney Experience account before arriving and miss out on all the important info.

10. They don't make dining reservation in advance. Then, they are confused when sitting down after a long day for a meal seems impossible.

11. But sometimes, first-timers overcompensate and make way too many dining reservations and forget about quick service meals.

12. They don't make FastPass+ reservations ahead of time.

13. Or they waste their FastPass+ reservations on an attraction that doesn't really need one.

14. They don't go on a ride because of a long wait time, but in reality, your wait will actually be shorter than what is posted.

15. They spend a ton of money for hotels close to the parks, like The Polynesian or The BoardWalk, when in reality, the hotels farther away are just as nice and often cheaper.

16. And then, they don't take a day to explore everything their hotel has to offer.

17. First-timers often overpack before arriving and forget to take into account all of the souvenirs they'll buy and the fact that they can do laundry.

18. And then, they impulse-buy every single souvenir they see, which gets super expensive.

19. They don't plan a whole afternoon or day to walk around the World Showcase in Epcot.

20. They don't look ahead at what time their favorite character will be at a meet and greet or what time a parade will be happening.

21. They watch the fireworks every night inside a park, instead of finding better and less crowded viewing areas.

22. They don't find time to eat some of the iconic Disney World food.

23. And finally, they walk right up Main Street in the Magic Kingdom instead of cutting through the Emporium.