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Here Are 23 Mistakes That Everyone Makes When They Go To Disney World For The First Time

Make πŸ‘ FastPass πŸ‘ reservations πŸ‘ before πŸ‘ you πŸ‘ arrive!

1. First time Disney World visitors will arrive without a day by day plan for their stay.

Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed

Disney World is massive and there's so much to do and see, especially on your first trip. Make your visit less stressful by planning ahead!

2. Because they're on vacation, they sleep in instead of getting to the park early.

Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed

I know that you're on vacation and want to relax, but save that for the afternoon/evening. If you arrive at a park at opening, wait times will be shorter and you can take a break in the afternoon and get out of the Florida heat. Also, make sure to look for extra magic hours during your stay.

3. They do multiple parks in one day, without taking a break in between.

Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed

There's a TON to see on your first trip, but don't exhaust yourself. Try sticking to just one park per day or make sure you take a break in the afternoon before venturing to another park.

4. They don't bring the necessary essentials to help them survive an entire day in the park.

5. They wear flip flops, heels, or new shoes to the parks without realizing how much walking they'll be doing.

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Disney World is massive β€” close to 30,000 acres to be exact β€” so you'll be walking a ton. Wear sneakers or shoes you know you'll be comfortable in.

6. They decide to plan their first trip during a major holiday, like Christmas or New Year's Eve, and they're stunned when the park is super crowded.

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While seeing Disney World decorated for Christmas sounds intriguing, it will be super crowded and overwhelm first-timers. For your first trip, try to schedule it for a quieter time, like late January, March, or late August.

7. They think Disney transportation will take too long and decide to take a cab from their hotel.

Disney World, Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed

Taking a cab will never be faster than Disney transportation, it's just a fact. Stick with the monorail or buses to get to your destination in the most efficient manner. If you absolutely must, utilize Disney's Minnie Vans, Disney's very own Lyft service.

8. And they fail to factor in travel time when trying to get from park to park.

Disney World / Google Maps

Make sure you're taking into account how long it might take to get from one end of Disney World to another. If you have a FastPass+ reservation for Tower of Terror at 11:00 a.m. and you're staying at The Contemporary, allow at least 30 minutes to wait for a bus, get through security, and walk to the ride.

9. They don't set up a My Disney Experience account before arriving and miss out on all the important info.

My Disney Experience

My Disney Experience will be your LIFE SAVER. You can use the app to check on all your dining reservations, FastPass+ times, character meet and greets, and so much more. Plus, you can use it to mobile order food at a quick service spot ahead of time.

10. They don't make dining reservation in advance. Then, they are confused when sitting down after a long day for a meal seems impossible.

My Disney Experience

You can make Disney dining reservations 180 days before your stay, so TAKE ADVANTAGE. Popular restaurants fill up super fast and walking up to one them day of will likely result in an hour or more wait for a table.

11. But sometimes, first-timers overcompensate and make way too many dining reservations and forget about quick service meals.

12. They don't make FastPass+ reservations ahead of time.

My Disney Exeperience

If you buy a park ticket before arriving, you can make FastPass+ reservations 30 days before your arrival. You can make up to three for one day and with this amount of pre-planning, you can really choose what time you want for each attraction. Also, once your original FastPasses are up, you can reserve three more, so try for times earlier in the day.

13. Or they waste their FastPass+ reservations on an attraction that doesn't really need one.

14. They don't go on a ride because of a long wait time, but in reality, your wait will actually be shorter than what is posted.

15. They spend a ton of money for hotels close to the parks, like The Polynesian or The BoardWalk, when in reality, the hotels farther away are just as nice and often cheaper.

16. And then, they don't take a day to explore everything their hotel has to offer.

17. First-timers often overpack before arriving and forget to take into account all of the souvenirs they'll buy and the fact that they can do laundry.

18. And then, they impulse-buy every single souvenir they see, which gets super expensive.

Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed

Don't get me wrong, Disney World souvenirs are EPIC, but you don't need to buy every single thing you see. What I like to do is scope out all of the gift shops during my stay and on my last two or three days buy the things that are still catching my eye.

19. They don't plan a whole afternoon or day to walk around the World Showcase in Epcot.

20. They don't look ahead at what time their favorite character will be at a meet and greet or what time a parade will be happening.

Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed

If you want to meet a specific character make sure you see what park and what time they'll be available. Character dining is another great way to see a ton of characters at one time. Also, check out what time parades are happening. People start lining up early for a perfect spot hours in advance. If parades aren't your thing, while everyone is at a parade you can hit up the more popular attractions.

21. They watch the fireworks every night inside a park, instead of finding better and less crowded viewing areas.

Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed

While watching inside the park is an experience you must do at least once, take some time to find viewing areas outside of the park. It'll be less crowded and the views can be spectacular.

22. They don't find time to eat some of the iconic Disney World food.

23. And finally, they walk right up Main Street in the Magic Kingdom instead of cutting through the Emporium.

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