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    "Shang-Chi" Star Meng'er Zhang Revealed The Adorable Story Of How She Fell In Love On Set Of The Marvel Movie

    "I was cast single and left married."

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is in theaters now, and I can honestly say it quickly became one of my favorite Marvel origin story movies.

    Shang-Chi, wearing a hoodie and a jacket, sitting in a scene from the film
    Jasin Boland / Marvel Studios

    Not only are all the characters incredible and the fight choreography is simply stunning, but I left absolutely obsessed with Meng'er Zhang after her scene-stealing performance as Xialing.

    Jasin Boland / Marvel Studios

    And like any good MCU fan, I went home after seeing the movie and learned everything there is to know about the entire cast, which is when I came across the adorable story of how Meng'er and her husband, Yung Lee, fell in love while filming Shang-Chi.

    The couple at the film's premiere
    Jesse Grant / Getty Images

    Yung has the Xialing action figure in his jacket pocket 🥺. When asked about the action figure on the red carpet, he told Entertainment Tonight, "I gotta keep her close to my heart."

    Yung Lee was one of the action designers on the Marvel movie and he and Meng'er met while on set — Shang-Chi was also Meng'er's first movie ever, which I just love.

    In an interview with Screen Rant, Meng'er joked, "I was cast single and left married!"

    Jasin Boland / Marvel Studios

    "We didn’t prepare anything for our marriage celebration, but the production threw a big party for us to celebrate."

    Jesse Grant / Getty Images

    And if that isn't already the cutest thing ever, Meng'er revealed that Simu Liu and Awkwafina helped make their wedding celebration even more special.

    Amy Sussman / Getty Images

    "The next day, Simu took us to Disneyland and the next, next day, Awkwafina booked a whole venue for us to celebrate. We had a big karaoke party and everyone was there; everyone sang. The next day, we all lost our voices."

    "It’s really an amazing memory. We were really like a big family."

    Marvel Studios

    Yung posted some adorable Instagram photos back in May to commemorate their special wedding ceremony, and I'm absolutely obsessed.

    He captioned the pictures, "No engagement, no proposal, no ring, just love. Because it's the only thing that really matters in marriage!"

    @yung_and_the_dangerous / Via

    "The love you give me is so pure, innocent, and without a speck of hesitation or doubt. I can always be my complete dumb dumb self with you, without judgement or fear of rejection. We sing the same song in our hearts, we ride the same wavelength."

    @yung_and_the_dangerous / Via

    Meng'er also posted a similar sentiment, saying, "Life with you is like in Disneyland: simply happy and full of exciting adventures!"

    They also had a Funko Pop wedding cake, and it might be the greatest thing ever.

    Anyway, I love this Marvel Cinematic Universe love story and will now be telling everyone about Meng'er and Yung.

    Amy Sussman / Getty Images

    You can read Meng'er's entire interview with Screen Rant here.

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