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Marvel's "Werewolf By Night" Is Here, And Everyone's In Agreement That It's One Of The Best Things The MCU Has Done

With standout performances from Gael García Bernal, Laura Donnelly, and the introduction of Man-Thing, Marvel knocks it out of the park with their first TV special, Werewolf by Night.

🚨 There are obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead! 🚨

I think it's safe to say that 2022 has been packed full of Marvel content, and what has been really fun is to watch the MCU play with genre and step outside of its comfort zone with some very exciting projects.

The Scarlet Witch sitting cross-legged and levitating above a circle of candles

And one of those new and exciting projects is Werewolf by Night, Marvel's first TV special, and it was one of the best things the MCU has done. Period.

For years, Marvel has reportedly been developing a project around the character Werewolf by Night, and it finally became a reality with this Halloween special starring Gael García Bernal (Jack Russell/Werewolf by Night), Laura Donnelly (Elsa Bloodstone), and Harriet Harris (Verussa Bloodstone).

Directed by Michael Giacchino and written by Heather Quinn and Peter Cameron, Werewolf by Night follows a secret group of monster hunters who are summoned to Bloodstone Manor, where they participate in a competitive hunt to determine their new leader following the death of Ulysses Bloodstone.

This TV special was honestly perfect. The MCU wasn't afraid to be bloody and campy, and it fit these characters and this story beautifully. I mean, c'mon, the introduction of Man-Thing/Ted was flawless.

Everything from the casting to direction to the music, which Michael Giacchino composed as well, made Werewolf by Night one of the best Marvel projects this year, and I really hope Marvel sees the success of this TV special and we get to see more out-of-the-box Marvel characters shine in this format.

Werewolf by Night's introduction to the MCU is also huge because in the comics, he is part of a team called the Midnight Sons, which has consisted of characters like Blade, Morbius, Ghost Rider, Scarlet Witch, Moon Knight, Doctor Strange, and more. Also, in recent comics featuring the group, they have met up with Agatha Harkness, Clea Strange, and more.

Anyway, Werewolf by Night is already being praised by everyone who has had the chance to watch it. So, here are some of the best reactions:

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This entire sequence>>>>>> #WerewolfByNight

@jericjamesbucky / Marvel / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @jericjamesbucky

This was one of the most creative marvel intros I’ve ever seen!👌🏽🙌🏽🔥#WerewolfByNight

@giselleb1234/ Marvel / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @giselleb1234

Werewolf by Night spoilers - - - - - I also really love how #WerewolfByNight got to be so unapologetically violent and show more gore than we've ever seen in the MCU

@captaincupkicks / Marvel / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @captaincupkicks

Marvel in black and white. #WerewolfByNight

@fanboyca / Marvel / Disney+ / ABC / 20th Century Fox / Via Twitter: @fanboyca

#WerewolfByNight SPOILERS - - - I need more of jack, elsa, and man-thing immediately

@buckyssteven / Marvel / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @buckyssteven

new comfort character: Jack Russell #werewolfbynight

@crocinoo / Marvel / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @crocinoo

My main takeaway from #WerewolfByNight is Gael García Bernal as Jack Russel. This may seem obvious given that he's one of the main characters, but seeing a Latino man in the leading role was incredibly cool for me, and he did a great job on top of that

@TheLuister_ / Marvel / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @TheLuister_

Protect Ted at all cost #ManThing #WerewolfByNight

@Hawkmaestro21 / Marvel / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @Hawkmaestro21

i need more of these two together asap! #WerewolfByNight

@thewatchher / Marvel / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @thewatchher

id say protect ted at all costs but he would probably protect me instead 🥹 #WerewolfByNight

@wandaslizzie / Marvel / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @wandaslizzie

#WerewolfByNight spoilers . . . . . . elsa bloodstone was so badass i love her already

@laylasmoon / Marvel / Via Twitter: @laylasmoon

Werewolf By Night was amazing! I loved every second of it! The Werewolf looked incredible, Man-Thing was too cool, and Laura Donnelly was such a standout as Elsa Bloodstone! I wanna see more of these characters and give more work to Michael Giacchino!

@conquercomics / Marvel / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @conquercomics

After seeing #WerewolfByNight Michael Giacchino should direct Blade it was too good I was gagged...

@chrisdadeviant / Marvel / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @chrisdadeviant

Marvel’s Midnight Suns #WerewolfByNight

@blurayangel / Marvel / Disney+ / Marvel Studios / Album via Alamy / Via Twitter: @blurayangel

Give it to me next Halloween PLEASE #WerewolfByNight

@captaincupkicks / Marvel / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @captaincupkicks

Werewolf by Night is streaming now on Disney+.

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