"Mare Of Easttown" Episode 5 Featured One Of The Most Shocking TV Moments Of 2021, And I Have To Talk About It

    I forgot how to breathe during the last five minutes.

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Mare of Easttown Episode 5!🚨

    So one of my favorite shows right now is Mare of Easttown. Not only is the cast exceptional — I mean, you've got Kate Winslet, Jean Smart, AND Evan Peters — but the show is so smart, and I'm left on the edge of my seat every single week.

    Kate Winslet as Mare sitting at a table and taking notes

    And while we've had some incredible episodes already, nothing could've prepared me for the jaw-dropping final minutes of Episode 5.

    Evan as Colin Zabel and Kate as Mare sitting together

    At the end of the episode, Mare and Colin finally came face-to-face with Wayne Potts, aka the man who kidnapped Katie Bailey and Missy.

    A girl telling Mare and Colin, "He smoked. Winstons. The only reason I even really noticed was 'cause my grandmother was the only person I'd ever seen smoke Winstons"

    And after Wayne realized they had figured him out — while Katie and Missy banged on a pipe — he shockingly shot (and killed) Colin, and I'm still weeping over it.

    Kate calls out "Zabel," who reaches for his gun, but Wayne pulls out his gun

    Like, I grew so attached to sweet Colin Zabel in just four episodes, I wasn't ready to say goodbye SO SOON.

    Colin asking Mare, "How do you know what I want?"

    In the end, Mare, who was unarmed because she'd been suspended, managed to find Katie and Missy and kill Wayne after maneuvering through the house and grabbing Colin's gun.

    Mare sweating and breathing heavily while trying to evade Wayne

    So much happened in this final scene, and we still have two episodes left of the show. I'm stressed thinking about what else is going to happen.

    Close-ups of a devastated Mare hiding from Wayne

    Like me, the internet is having a proper freakout over Mare of Easttown Episode 5, so here are some tweets, if you're still screaming about it too.

    I literally stopped breathing for the last five minutes of #MareofEasttown. This show is so smart and has truly left its mark on the TV crime genre. Each episode has gotten bigger and better, the cast is exceptional, and man, it's always one step ahead of the audience

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    The last 10 minutes of that episode omfg #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @alotlikelovex


    Honestly had no idea how emotionally invested I was in Det. Zabel until a few mins ago 😳 #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @lucas_andrew88


    The way we just gasped. Mare of Easttown, man. So good and damn.

    Twitter: @rgay


    By some TV miracle I hope Zabel comes back from that shot to the head. Amen. #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @zeddzeddeh


    The last 15 minutes of tonight’s episode were insaaaane, like it was orchestrated appropriately! Well thought-out!!! BUT IT LEFT ME SO DEVASTATED!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭 Holy f!! #MareOfEasttown Also!! KATE WINSLET & EVAN PETERS >>> KATE WINSLET & GUY PEARCE!!!!

    Twitter: @joanacatbagan


    #MareofEasttown is the best show on TV right now. That episode had me laughing, tearing up, jumping up off my couch & screaming. Jean Smart & Kate Winslet should win all the awards. And, Alas, poor Zabel! I knew him, a fellow of infinite sincerity, of most excellent awkwardness.

    Twitter: @priscillagilman


    I don’t think I took a single deep breath those last ten minutes. This show is INCREDIBLE. KATE WINSLET, Y’ALL. #MareOfEasttown

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    Twitter after tonight’s episode of #MareOfEasttown

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    Me googling “chance of surviving a gunshot wound to the head” #MareOfEasttown #Evanpeters

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    That was one hell of an episode. #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @theevelynlee


    SPOILERS Can we give it up to Evan Peters for creating a character that we were devastated to lose. #MareofEasttown #MareofEasttownHBO

    Twitter: @scatterthestars


    Me at the end of every episode of #MareOfEasttown

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    Twitter: @DavidWelshJr


    mare is going to have so much to talk about in therapy next week #mareofeasttown

    Twitter: @hayllestorm


    The #Emmys hand delivering awards to Kate Winslet, Jean Smart, and Evan Peters next year. #MareOfEasttown #MareofEasttownHBO

    Twitter: @zdzyloak

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