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    Machine Gun Kelly Showed Off His Newest Tattoos And More While Playing With, Dare I Say, The Cutest Puppies Ever

    Machine Gun Kelly saying "Twin Flame" is his favorite song while playing with puppies is flawless, tbh.

    Listen up, y'all! A few weeks ago, Machine Gun Kelly swung by BuzzFeed to do our puppy interview. It was honestly equal parts adorable and chaotic, so naturally I will be talking about it for the foreseeable future.

    Machine Gun Kelly saying the puppies are so cute and he's already attached to them

    To celebrate his film Good Mourning, which he cowrote and codirected alongside Mod Sun, and his upcoming world tour, we asked MGK all of your burning questions about everything — from his favorite red carpet looks to tattoos to filming Good Mourning.

    And let's just say it did not disappoint. Like, should I frame this and hang it in my house?!

    He revealed his favorite behind-the-scenes memory from filming Good Mourning involved a two-day "epic smoke scene," where during the second day, someone forgot to shut off the sprinklers in the house they were filming in.

    MGK saying they set off the sprinkler system, flooded the house, and got water all over very expensive cameras and equipment

    MGK also dove into his work on Mainstream Sellout and what went into making his latest record.

    MGK posing with the same puppy, this time giving a smoldering look while the puppy stands next to him

    And MGK also showed off his newest tattoos, which might be my favorite part of this video, I have to be honest.

    MGK revealing two tattoos: one is a calculator with a billion typed into it, the other is the word "insane" but with the "in" part scratched out

    You can check out our full puppy interview with Machine Gun Kelly below:

    View this video on YouTube

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    And be sure to watch MGK in Good Mourning, which is in theaters now or available to stream, and follow everything he's up to on his upcoming world tour!

    Also, all of these adorable puppies and more are available for adoption through North Shore Animal League America.