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    21 "Gilmore Girls" Moments That Are So Lorelai It Hurts

    "This is a jumbo coffee morning. I need coffee in an I.V."

    1. First, when Lorelai constantly begged Luke for coffee every minute of every day.

    2. When she managed to sleep through her alarm on Rory's first day of Chilton.

    3. And of course, because she overslept she had to meet Headmaster Charleston dressed like this.

    4. When Lorelai handled a major parenting situation with a song.

    5. When she revealed that she would totally save a good slice of cake before Rory.

    6. When she awkwardly had to explain to Rory that she went on a date with her teacher, Max, and that he ~spent the night~.

    7. When she fell into her old habits and called Christopher the night of her Bachelorette party.

    8. When she decided to take a road trip to Harvard with Rory to avoid her breakup with Max.

    9. When her first kiss with Luke was interrupted by Kirk running naked right through the moment.

    10. When she came up with this incredible new catchphrase.

    11. When the cats knew she was single after breaking up with Jason.

    12. When she gave Rory this wise advice about weekends.

    13. When she made this face at Rory during her graduation from Chilton.

    14. When she came up with the complicated, yet effective method for finding the best take-out.

    15. Anytime she snuck food into the town meetings, despite Taylor telling her not to.

    16. When Lorelai did this in order to get rid of Rory's hamster when she was younger.

    17. When she awkwardly gave this drunk speech at Lane's wedding.

    18. When she was this exhausted before attending a Yale football game on a Saturday.

    19. When she was caught hiding in her car from Emily while doing a ridiculous dance.

    20. When this was all she wanted to find in life.

    21. And finally, when she revealed that this is what goes on in her brain 24/7.