I Am Once Again Screaming About "Loki," So Here Are 30 Details I Spotted In Episode 5

    We must protect Alligator Loki.

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Episode 5 of Loki on Disney+!🚨

    Hi, hello, I hope you recovered from Loki Episode 4 and are ready to dive into the next episode. So, here are all the details I noticed in Episode 5.

    Also, sorry this is a day late, vacation really got in the way. If you're new to these posts, welcome, and I apologize for all of my nerdy yelling! If you're returning after WandaVision AND The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, thanks so much for coming back!

    1. First, the title of Episode 5 is a nod to the Journey Into Mystery comic books. This Marvel comic series is when Thor and Loki first appeared in 1952.

    Loki talking to Kid Loki, Classic Loki, and Boastful Loki

    2. While inside the TVA, a monitor showing the sacred timeline reads, "Oak Island, Nova Scotia." In real life, it's believed that treasure is hidden there, like Captain Kidd's missing fortune, the Ark of the Covenant, and more.

    A close-up of a monitor reading, "Oak Island, Nova Scotia"

    3. If you quickly pause, you can see that the Avengers Tower inside The Void actually has a sign that says "Qeng" on it. In the comics, Tony sells the old Avengers Tower to Qeng Enterprises and Mr. Gryphon, who was working for Kang the Conqueror.

    A close-up of a crumbling Avengers Tower with a sign reading, "Qeng"

    4. While in The Void, the Lokis avoid Alioth, who is a villain pulled directly from the Marvel comic books. In the comics, Alioth is Kang the Conqueror's rival, who was accidentally set free by Ravonna Renslayer.

    Classic Loki saying, "This is The Void. That's Alioth. And we're his lunch. Come on"

    5. In The Void, you can spot a giant version of Yellowjacket's helmet from Ant-Man. In the MCU, the last time we saw Yellowjacket was when he shrunk down and disappeared.

    A close-up of a giant Yellowjacket helmet

    6. The Lokis pass by the Thanos Copter, and this might be my favorite Easter egg of all time. In the comics, Thanos uses his helicopter to attack Hellcat and try to steal the Cosmic Cube, aka the Tesseract.

    The Lokis walking past a yellow helicopter reading, "Thanos"

    7. We get our first glimpse at a Thor Variant in this episode, and it's actually Throg — yes, that would be a frog version of Thor.

    A frog dressed as Thor trapped in a glass bottle

    8. Also, Throg is trapped in a glass jar with "T365" written on it, which is a nod to Thor Issue #365 from 1966, and it featured Loki transforming Thor into a frog.

    A close-up of Frog Thor's bottle with a label reading, "T365"

    9. And this moment resembles when Thor was trapped in the glass cage by Loki in The Avengers — in fact, the yelling even sounds similar if you listen closely.

    Frog Thor trapped in a glass bottle vs. Thor trapped behind glass

    10. Among the debris while traveling down to the Lokis' hideout, you can obviously spot a version of Mjolnir, but also a bunch of lunch trays from the TVA.

    11. The Lokis enjoy some boxed Roxxiwine, which is wine from Roxxcart, which we visited in Episode 2 when Sylvie was hiding out there.

    The Lokis sitting around drinking wine

    12. Next to Alligator Loki's pool, you can spot a copy of The Mystery and Lore of Monsters by C.J.S. Thompson, a book which details several monsters and how some of their origins are grounded in real life.

    Alligator Loki drinking wine in a kiddie pool next to a book

    13. Behind Classic Loki, you can see a Polybius arcade game. In the 1980s, the Polybius arcade game mysteriously disappeared after it was reported that players were suffering from wild side effects like nightmares and hallucinations.

    A Polybius arcade game behind Classic Loki

    14. Also, you'll notice that the Lokis hideout is inside an old bowling alley, so I'd love to think that the entire bowling alley was pulled into The Void by the TVA because it housed a Polybius arcade game.

    Kid Loki sitting on a throne surrounded by bowling pins

    15. When Classic Loki tells the story of how he survived after Thanos, he calls him the Mad Titan. Even though this is Thanos's nickname from the comics, this is only the second time he's been called this in the MCU.

    Classic Loki saying, "I cast a projection of myself so real, even the Mad Titan believed it" vs. Gamora being referred to as "the adopted daughter of the Mad Titan"

    16. You can see Kid Loki drinking a Hi-C Ecto Cooler, which was released after the success of Ghostbusters in 1984 and the animated series.

    Kid Loki holding up a Hi-C juice box

    17. During Mobius and Sylvie's escape, you can spot a theater marquee for the Wrightsville Theatre. Wrightsville, PA was also seen on a TVA timeline monitor in Episode 4.

    A close-up of a crumbling Wrightsville Theatre sign vs. a monitor saying Wrightsville, PA

    18. One of the Loki Variants we meet is President Loki, which is taken directly from the Vote Loki comic books from 2016.

    President Loki looking down at Loki

    19. President Loki mentions that they prefer "snakes to wolves," which is a nod to Norse mythology, where Loki's children include a snake and wolf.

    President Loki saying, "We prefer snakes to wolves"

    20. Among President Loki's group, you can see a Loki that uses his hair as horns. We saw him in Episode 2 when Mobius was running through the Loki Variants the TVA has pruned from the timeline.

    A Loki Variant vs. his hologram

    21. President Loki's hand is ultimately bitten off by Alligator Loki, and in the past, Marvel has paid homage to Luke losing his hand in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, so this could be continuing that tradition.

    President Loki screaming after his hand is cut off vs. Luke Skywalker doing the same

    22. Inside Mobius's pizza car, you can spot a hula girl on the dashboard. A hula girl has previously been spotted in Agents of S.H.I.E.LD. and was linked to Coulson and the TAHITI program, and then in WandaVision when Darcy and Vision stole a truck.

    A hula girl on Mobius's dashboard vs. Jemma Simmons holding one vs. Darcy touching one

    23. The USS Eldridge is suddenly dropped inside The Void and swallowed by Alioth. The USS Eldridge was part of the "Philadelphia Experiment," in which the ship was reportedly rendered "invisible" in 1983.

    A close-up of a ship reading, "USS Eldridge 173"

    24. The license plate on Mobius's pizza car reads, "GRN W1D." This is a reference to Mark Gruenwald, who inspired Mobius's likeness in the comics, and he also helped co-create Alioth.

    A close-up of a license plate

    25. Before Loki, Sylvie, Mobius, and the other Lokis go to fight Alioth, you can see what looks like Ronan's ship from Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Ronan's ship in the void vs. flying in the sky

    26. When Alioth is approaching Sylvie and Loki, you can spot a statue of the Living Tribunal's head. In the Marvel comics, Living Tribunal's purpose is to protect and keep the balance in the Multiverse.

    A statue with three sides of a head, one with its eyes covered

    27. I've watched enough MCU movies and shows to recognize a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier when I see one, so you can see one that's crashed in The Void too.

    Classic Loki walking past a helicarrier and Alioth about to consume it

    28. While causing a distraction, Loki sets fire to the sword Kid Loki gave him. This is probably a nod to Lævateinn from Norse mythology, which is a sword created by Loki that sometimes has a burning blade.

    Loki weilding a flaming sword

    29. As your resident Wanda Maximoff fan, I have to point out that when Classic Loki creates Asgard using magic, it's very similar to when Wanda created Westview. Classic Loki wished he could go back to Asgard, while Wanda wished she could have a life with Vision.

    Classic Loki using his magic vs. Wanda Maximoff

    30. And finally, we catch a glimpse of a mysterious city after Sylvie and Loki enchant Alioth, and I am losing my mind that this is probably Chronopolis, which is the home to Kang the Conqueror in the comics.

    Loki and Sylvie staring at a city inside Alioth

    Did you catch any other Easter eggs or cool details? Have a better theory for one mentioned above? Tell me everything in the comments below!

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