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    25 "Legacies" Details That Will Get You Excited For Season 2 Of "The Vampire Diaries" Spinoff

    Hope will be dealing with "the other side of a sacrifice."

    The cast of Legacies swung by San Diego Comic-Con 2019 to chat about the show and reveal some amazing Season 2 details. Here's everything we learned:

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    🚨Obviously spoilers ahead for Season 1!🚨

    1. First, Malivore will still be a major threat in Season 2 despite Hope sacrificing herself to stop him during the Season 1 finale.

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    Creator Julie Plec said that Hope "may or may not have gotten a few ingredients in the recipe wrong."

    2. Season 2 picks up with Hope being "in Malivore" and her "entire goal as we begin is to get the hell out."

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    3. Hope will basically be dealing with "the other side of a sacrifice."

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    Julie hinted at Hope's time in Malivore, saying, "It's not gonna be a fun place to spend her summer break."

    4. Danielle Rose Russell said it will be "heartbreaking" to see the development Hope went through in Season 1 seemingly "ripped away" from her.

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    Danielle also teased that we'll see what life is like outside of Malivore and how everyone is living in a world without Hope.

    5. Executive producer Brett Matthews said Hope disappearing from existence will be different than when Lizzie wished Hope away in Season 1.

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    Brett elaborated, saying, "I think the difference is that was a world in which Hope never existed. The difference is that Hope has affected this world greatly and these characters greatly, they just don't remember that she ever existed."

    6. Aria Shahghasemi said Landon will be "completely lost" when Season 2 picks up because "Hope is sort of his rock."

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    7. Also, looking back at Season 1, Aria said he had "no clue" that Landon would be a phoenix when the series began.

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    8. Matthew Davis said that Alaric is harboring "some sort of resentment" in Season 2 after being removed as headmaster from The Salvatore School.

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    9. Also, Matthew hinted that Alaric is looking for another teaching job "perhaps at a different school. Some local school."

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    *cough* Mystic Falls High *cough*

    10. And, it was just revealed that Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Alexis Denisof will join the cast as Professor Vardemus, who will teach at The Salvatore School.

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    11. Alaric will be getting a new love interest in Season 2. She'll be Sheriff Mac, who is named after Marguerite MacIntyre who portrayed Sheriff Forbes on The Vampire Diaries.

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    Marguerite also wrote two episodes of Legacies last season.

    12. Kaylee Bryant teased that Josie will be dealing with her knowledge of The Merge and she'll be trying to find out answers.

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    Kaylee said, "She's staying home over the summer, and she's doing a lot of research. And she's going to be asking a lot of questions." The twins will also learn more about their Uncle Kai.

    13. Meanwhile, Lizzie will be have a "positive outlook on life" according to Jenny Boyd.

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    Jenny also said that Lizzie will be having "a semester of yes!"

    14. Descendants star Thomas Doherty will join the cast as a "very old vampire" that'll be a potential love interest for Lizzie.

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    Jenny teased his arrival, saying, "He has some old ideas about the way things work, but Lizzie might be kind of into that."

    15. Fans loved Josie and Penelope's relationship in Season 1 and even though Penelope is gone, Josie "isn't in the mindset to start anything new."

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    Kaylee said, "Now, whether anything comes from the people that she's already known, maybe. But it's definitely not something that she's seeking at the moment."

    16. One storyline that's being debated in the writers' room is about Rafael's parents and whether he has a connection to the community of Mystic Falls.

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    Julie said, "I can't tell you what the story pitches that we're debating because it might not make it to the table because I disagree with it. But it has something to do with his link to the to the community of Mystic Falls and what maybe brought him here."

    17. Rafael currently being stuck as a werewolf will have parallels to when Hayley went through a similar thing on The Originals.

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    Rafael spending the entirety of his summer break as a werewolf will "do a number" on him. Peyton Alex Smith, who plays Rafael, said being on his own will also affect what he's like when he returns.

    18. While MG was starting a relationship with Nia at the end of Season 1, she will NOT be returning for Season 2.

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    Julie explained "Every snake that moves on that girl's head is like $7,000 which we didn't know when we wrote the gorgon. And when we planned the Gorgon, when we shot the gorgon. He can have his gorgon girlfriend, but six of the other cast members on this stage would have to go."

    19. Season 2 will hopefully feature a Christmas episode with an "evil Santa Claus/Krampus-like monster."

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    20. There's also been talk in the writers' room to bring in an evil version of Cupid for a Valentine's Day episode.

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    Julie joked that it would be "Cupid's asshole brother who feeds on lovers as a way of sustaining himself."

    21. While we don't know the context, we'll be seeing a clip from Gremlins in the first episode of Season 2.

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    22. Season 2 will feature an adorable appearance by Pedro's little brother — he'll be played by Reznor Allen real-life little bro.

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    23. Also, there will be a new brother and sister duo who both "have a little crush" on Hope.

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    Danielle joked, saying, "Everyone in this show has feelings for Hope in some way, which I don't understand, really, because she's not nice."

    24. Julie hinted that we'll see more of the Mikaelson family this season, especially since Hope disappeared. She recently wrote an episode with Freya Mikaelson, but due to Riley Voelkel filming Roswell, New Mexico, the cameo may change.

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    Julie said, "It is obviously our intention to pay great service to the fact that a girl disappeared from an entire family. And they're somewhere in New Orleans, not really understanding what happened there. So we definitely want to tell that story. No matter how we do it."

    25. And finally, in terms of seeing Caroline Forbes on Legacies, it's something that we'll hopefully see, but it's not confirmed as of right now.

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    Julie said, "Hopefully one day we'll get to have a family reunion and maybe that day will be sooner, maybe it'll be in a little while. So, we shall see."

    Legacies Season 2 premieres Thursday October 10 on The CW.