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27 Jokes About Disney Channel That'll Make You Say, “I Really Love The Internet”

Stress level: Troy Bolton choosing between singing and basketball.

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1. When The Proud Family actually predicted the freakin' future: / Via

3. Our parents will never understand the grip the Jonas Brothers still have on us: / Via

5. How a majority of us spent our early '00s years, and we can't even deny it:

Joe Jonas / Via

7. "Attention, parents. Shut your pie holes." / Via

8. Forever getting emotional over this song: / Via

9. *breaks out the matching track suits* / Via

10. Now this is a Coachella line-up we'd spend money on: / Via

11. The impossibility of singing an iconic duet by yourself:

me trying to sing both troy and gabriella's parts in gotta go my own way


13. When you realize the Riverdale creators are secretly massive Suite Life of Zack and Cody fans: / Via

14. Troy Bolton and Archie Andrews, the friendship we never knew we needed: / Via

15. When you're on your hundreth rewatch of High School Musical:

troy : we're soaring me : FLYINNGGGGGG

16. When you finally realize why you're terminally single:

Me: Why am I single? I’m frickin’ great! Me in the laundry room: *sings High School Musical as loud as I can* Me: Oh yeah, that’s why...


17. 🎵 Everybody's always talking at me / Everybody's trying to get in my head / I want to listen to my own heart talking... 🎵 / Via

19. When it's 70 degrees on Halloween and you just want to be ~fabulous~:

when fabulous from high school musical 2 comes on but you feelin spooky

20. Can this be the next Disney Channel crossover event? / Via

21. We just want recognition for the greatest cinematic achievement of our time: / Via

23. Cole Sprouse, forever destined to repeat high school:

Cole Sprouse / Via

24. *aggressively head bangs to Camp Rock daily* / Via

25. Some kids snuck out when they were teenagers — we just voted for Miley without parents' permission: / Via

26. When you realize you now have ~the best of both worlds~:

its weird being in college and coming home to visit because it's like i'm living a double life like hannah montana and miley stewart

27. And finally, look what you made Lizzie do:

I'm sorry, the old Lizzie can't come to the phone right now... Why? Oh, 'cause she's dead!