24 Jokes From “SpongeBob SquarePants” That Will Honestly Never Not Be Funny

    "Can I be excused for the rest of my life?"

    1. When SpongeBob was a glass-half-full type of guy and Squidward was not:

    2. This dirty joke you definitely missed as a child:

    3. When SpongeBob thought Mr. Krabs was referring to Squidward as a pile of garbage:

    4. When Patrick had a very different idea of torture than SpongeBob:

    5. When Patrick just wanted to learn to play an instrument:

    6. When SpongeBob put his knowledge of gibberish to good use:

    7. When SpongeBob did the worst thing ever to Patrick:

    8. When Patrick showed us exactly how to deal with all of our problems:

    9. When they made this joke that went right over your head as a kid:

    10. When SpongeBob said what we all think every day:

    11. When Patrick knew safety was important:

    12. When SpongeBob was just hanging around:

    13. When Patrick didn't need a party to go crazy:

    14. When SpongeBob was trying to decide what to name his pet seahorse:

    15. When Patrick and SpongeBob had to flee Bikini Bottom:

    16. When Plankton was showing SpongeBob his lab:

    17. When SpongeBob was fishing for a compliment from Mr. Krabs:

    18. When Patrick and SpongeBob got themselves into an awkward situation:

    19. When Patrick took Squidward literally:

    20. When Patrick worked at the Krusty Krab for a day and was confused by customers:

    21. When Squidward realized he was going unnoticed:

    22. When an anchor dropped on SpongeBob's house and he alerted Squidward:

    23. When SpongeBob was very observant of Squidward's appearance:

    24. And finally, when Squidward decided to just let everything out: