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    Posted on Dec 11, 2017

    Here Are 24 Jokes About Pixar Movies That Are Hilarious AF

    "Whenever I'm up late making food, I feel like I'm the rat from Ratatouille trying not to get caught."

    1. When even Nemo went through a rebellious phase in his teens:

    Tumblr: / Via

    2. When you grow up and have a different interpretation of your favorite childhood movie:

    Tumblr: / Via

    3. When people just wanted to hurry up and watch Coco:

    Me, watching the six-hour Frozen "short" that played before Coco.

    Twitter: @AndyHerren / Via Twitter: @AndyHerren

    4. When The Incredibles perfectly depicted your home life:

    Tumblr: / Via

    5. When you realize Finding Nemo and Stranger Things have a lot in common:

    Tumblr: / Via

    6. When the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" actually has another meaning:

    Tumblr: / Via

    7. This person who is confused by Buzz Lightyear:


    Twitter: @Jay_FrickinLynn / Via Twitter: @Jay_FrickinLynn

    8. When you find a flaw in Pixar’s logic:

    Pixar: Andy HAS to grow up otherwise it makes no sense Also Pixar: yeah Jack-Jack is still a baby 13 years later w…

    Twitter: @vincentvanngoth / Via Twitter: @vincentvanngoth

    9. When all Frozone wanted was to go bowling:

    Tumblr: / Via

    10. This failed Wall-E poster, which is actually genius:

    Tumblr: / Via

    11. When you just want to know if Lightning McQueen is safe:

    Twitter: @antoniodelotero / Via Twitter: @antoniodelotero

    12. When you've had several drinks and feel the need to entertain:

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    13. When you think you've figured out Pixar's next big thing:

    “Hello Pixar? Have I got a movie idea for you!”

    Twitter: @_AlexHirsch / Via Twitter: @_AlexHirsch

    14. This person who saw an opportunity and didn't disappoint:

    We got a twenty-three nineteen! #MonstersIncJoke

    Twitter: @Melissajohnsto2 / Via Twitter: @Melissajohnsto2

    15. When you just want to be as good of a chef as Remy:

    Whenever I'm up late making food I feel like I'm the rat from ratatouille trying not to get caught

    Twitter: @justjamiie / Via Twitter: @justjamiie

    16. This person who is just blown away by Jack-Jack's superpowers:

    Twitter: @timmy2checks / Via Twitter: @timmy2checks

    17. When you're more excited for The Incredibles 2 than any kid:

    honestly no one born after the year 342 B.C. should be able to watch the incredibles 2 on the first week. the first…

    Twitter: @thiccwhitey / Via Twitter: @thiccwhitey

    18. An actual look at all of us in the theater seeing new Pixar movies:

    Tumblr: / Via

    19. When Pixar makes you cry harder with each new movie:

    Tumblr: / Via

    20. This person who figured out he actually has quite a few friends:

    Twitter: @realRyanWatkins / Via Twitter: @realRyanWatkins

    21. When you realize Pixar/Disney has subtly been planning a Marvel takeover for years:

    Tumblr: / Via

    22. Supergirl clearly never watched The Incredibles:

    Tumblr: / Via

    23. When Mike Wazowski was as big of a Hamilton fan as you are:

    Twitter: @hamiltonmikewaz / Via Twitter: @hamiltonmikewaz

    24. And finally, when you figure out the thought process behind Pixar's movies:

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