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    25 Jokes About "Grey's Anatomy" That'll Make You Say, “Wow, I Really Love The Internet”

    "Watch Grey's Anatomy they said...It'll be fun they said..."

    1. When you try summarizing the show to anybody:

    when somebody asks for a summary of Greys Anatomy

    Twitter: @ItsGreysHumor / Via Twitter: @ItsGreysHumor

    2. When you overreact to EVERY medical situation now:

    *watches 4 seasons of greys* *friend gets a paper cut* me to the nurse: his stats are good but i wanna keep an ey…

    Twitter: @ItsGreysHumor / Via Twitter: @ItsGreysHumor

    3. When your relationship with Grey's is the most complicated relationship you have:

    Grey's Anatomy is like that pretty ex you keep going back to even though you know you can't trust them & they'll only cause you pain

    Twitter: @muIderitsme / Via Twitter: @muIderitsme

    4. When your friend misses Grey's, but you need to talk to someone about it: / Via

    5. The feeling of dread you get at the start of every new episode:

    Me the first few seasons: "omg I hope my fav couple will kiss." Me now: "please lord don't let one of them die."

    Twitter: @GreysQTS / Via Twitter: @GreysQTS

    6. When you're just not digging the new Maggie/Jackson relationship:

    me everytime there's Maggie and Jackson scene together. #GreysAnatomy #Japril

    Twitter: @greggystrong / Via Twitter: @greggystrong

    7. When you think everything will be okay, but then remember you're watching Grey's Anatomy:

    8. When the Season 13 finale took a turn that you just didn't see coming:

    9. When you just want someone to watch the show with:

    What if Netflix doubled as a dating service like "here are 7 other singles that watched Grey's Anatomy for 8 hours straight"

    Twitter: @dariatbh / Via Twitter: @dariatbh

    10. When you have a love/hate relationship with Shonda Rhimes: / Via

    11. When you're forever triggered by the songs "How to Save a Life" and "Chasing Cars": / Via

    12. Just remember, your day will never be as bad as Meredith Grey's:

    13. When Alex suddenly became your favorite character:

    Twitter: @ItsGreysHumor / Via Twitter: @ItsGreysHumor

    14. When you're basically a doctor after watching the whole show: / Via

    15. When Harper Avery unexpectedly died:

    Harper Avery can’t come to the phone right now... Why? Because he’s dead #GreysAnatomy

    Twitter: @Pink_Fanatic_ / Via Twitter: @Pink_Fanatic_

    16. When you realize Webber should've warned everyone how deadly Seattle Grace Hospital is: / Via

    17. When your love life doesn't even come close to Meredith and Derek's:

    One of the most iconic scenes in television history. #GreysAnatomy

    Twitter: @ItsGreysHumor / Via Twitter: @ItsGreysHumor

    18. The insane amount of time we've been waiting for Jackson and April to figure their shit out:

    Me waiting for Japril to come back together 🙄😩@iJesseWilliams @sarahdrew

    Twitter: @MarianeLapierre / Via Twitter: @MarianeLapierre

    19. When all your favorite characters are either dead or gone:

    Watch grey's anatomy they said.. It'll be fun they said

    Twitter: @ChyWhat / Via Twitter: @ChyWhat

    20. When Grey's throws you the biggest plot twist in 14 seasons: / Via

    21. This person who should win a goddamn medal:

    #IdWinANobelPrizeFor binging the entire #GreysAnatomy series in 1 month

    Twitter: @queenscorpion7 / Via Twitter: @queenscorpion7

    22. This teen who apparently watched way too much Grey's:

    result of watching too much greys anatomy

    Twitter: @onherperiod / Via Twitter: @onherperiod

    23. When most of your hardships in life could be solved very easily: / Via

    24. When you've been through hell and back watching this show:

    me after watching 11 seasons of Greys Anatomy having witnessed a bomb, terrorist attack, plane crash & car accident

    Twitter: @ItsGreysHumor / Via Twitter: @ItsGreysHumor

    25. And finally, this starter pack for anyone thinking of watching this "dark and twisty" show:

    The "I watch Grey's Anatomy" starter pack

    Twitter: @ltsGREYSquotes / Via Twitter: @ltsGREYSquotes