Jessica Chastain Went Blonde For The 2023 Met Gala And People Apparently Didn't Know Who She Was At First

    Jessica Chastain traded her signature red hair for blonde at the Met Gala, and playfully told people who she was when they didn't recognize her.

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    The 2023 Met Gala took place last night, with the theme this year being "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty," a tribute to the late fashion designer and former creative director of Chanel.

    Jenna Ortega in a black dress that cuts in the front to show her knee highs and boots

    As always, it was THE event to see what our favorite actors and celebs would wear to this year. There were some amazing outfits, Rihanna returned, and so much more.

    Rihanna in a white dress and a coat with large camellias

    Amongst the big fashion moments, this year's gala also included some new hairstyles, like Florence Pugh's buzzcut.

    Florence's buzzcut and long-feathered hairpiece
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    And one of the other big hair transformations of the night was that of Jessica Chastain, who traded in her signature red hair for blonde in honor of Karl.

    Jessica, with red hair, holding an Academy Award

    Jessica paired her platinum blonde look with a black dress and sunglasses, making her almost unrecognizable when she stepped onto the carpet.

    And apparently, some people at the event didn't know who she was at first.

    Jessica walks the carpet in a sheer black dress, sunglasses, and blonde hair

    Swinging by to talk to reporters after ascending the Met Gala steps, Jessica remarked on the blonde hair, saying in a video posted by the Associated Press, "Well, it's not forever. It's for Karl."

    She then explained, "I was taking photos down there and the photographers were like, 'Who is that? Who is that?'"

    Jessica said she eventually took off her sunglasses and gave a little nod to photographers, so they'd realize who she was.

    And, don't worry, in the same video posted by AP, a reporter can be heard asking, "Is it a wig?" and Jessica seemingly whispers, "It's a wig."

    The reporter then responded, "Just making sure," and like, what a mood.

    You can watch the full video below:

    "It's not forever. It's for Karl."

    Jessica Chastain transformed her look and was almost unrecognizable at the #MetGala.

    — The Associated Press (@AP) May 1, 2023

    No stranger to the Met Gala, this was definitely one of Jessica's bolder looks, and honestly, she knocked it out of the park.

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