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    14 Deleted Scenes From "Parks And Rec's" Final Season That Are Fucking Hilarious

    April and Andy pranking someone with lobsters is HYSTERICAL.

    1. When Ben revealed to Leslie he'd been sneaking vegetables into her waffles for years:

    And she did not take the news well:

    2. When Jerry/Terry/Larry/Garry made this subtle, but hilarious, notary pun:

    3. When we learned where Perd Hapley actually lives:

    4. When Ben showed off his hatred for the Star Wars prequels:

    5. All of the deleted scenes where Leslie tried to get Ron to forgive her were PRICELESS:

    Here's Leslie subjecting Ron to what she called "Pawnee Water Torture":

    And she also attempted to make him laugh with a Robert De Nero impression:

    6. Afterwards, Ron knew the only way to work things out with Leslie would be over some drinks:

    7. When April and Andy tried to pull a prank by putting lobsters in someone's car:

    Even though the prank doesn’t go as planned, Andy still knew exactly what to do:

    8. When Andy tried to make sure April got everything she wanted out of a new career:

    9. When Lord Edgar Covington and Andy revealed how they keep in touch:

    10. When April, Andy, and Leslie visited a historic Pawnee museum:

    And April had no idea what some of the "historic" items were:

    11. When we learned that Perd has a film review show called Perd on Film:

    12. When April worked at an accounting firm, but was still the same April we all love:

    13. When Donna had April prep her family for her wedding and it was just as amazing as you would've imagined it:

    14. And finally, when Andy tried to convince Ron to come to his barber shop:

    But, when Andy and Ron got there, it was the total opposite of what Ron wanted: