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31 TV Scenes That Are Extremely Heartwarming From Start To Finish

"It's still 21 votes... But you won. You won, Leslie."

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV scenes always make them happy-cry. Here are some of our favorite responses:

🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

1. First, on The Good Place, when Chidi read the note that he wrote to himself about Eleanor.

2. When the gang surprised Rosa with a game night after she came out to her parents on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

3. On Grey's Anatomy, when Derek proposed to Meredith in the iconic elevator.

4. Also on Grey's Anatomy, when Jackson decided to rename the hospital Grey Sloan Memorial after Lexie and Mark died.

5. When the Doctor and Amy brought Vincent Van Gogh to the future and showed him how much his art mattered on Doctor Who.

6. On The Office, when Jim finally asked Pam out on a date.

7. Also on The Office, when Jim looked at the camera after his wedding to Pam.

8. And, when Michael surprisingly showed up to Pam's art show on The Office.

9. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Buffy received the "Class Protector" award.

10. When Rick reunited with Lori and Carl after he woke up from his coma on The Walking Dead.

11. On Modern Family, when Jay walked Mitch down the aisle at his wedding to Cam.

12. On Friends, when Rachel got off the plane and met Ross.

13. Also on Friends, when Monica and Chandler proposed to each other.

14. On Schitt's Creek, when Patrick serenaded David with "Simply the Best."

15. Also on Schitt's Creek, when Stevie sang "Maybe This Time" during Cabaret.

16. And, when Ted surprised Alexis at the Singles Week event on Schitt's Creek.

17. On Fleabag, when Claire told Fleabag that she would only run through an airport for her.

18. When Damon and Stefan reunited in the afterlife on The Vampire Diaries.

19. On The Haunting of Hill House, when Mr. Dudley saw that Mrs. Dudley was finally reunited with their children after she died.

20. When Michael surprised Jane by reciting his vows in Spanish on Jane the Virgin.

21. Also on Jane the Virgin, when Alba officially became a US citizen.

22. On Parks and Rec, when Ben proposed to Leslie, and she had to take a moment to remember everything.

23. Also on Parks and Rec, when Ann told Leslie that she won the election.

24. On Lost, when Desmond and Penny finally talked on the phone for the first time.

25. On Sex and the City, when Charlotte saw a photo of Lily and instantly knew she was her future daughter.

26. On The Big Bang Theory, when Sheldon gave his Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

27. When Nathan revealed to Haley and Jamie that he officially got called up to the NBA on One Tree Hill.

28. When Max surprised Lorelai with a thousand yellow daisies on Gilmore Girls.

29. Also on Gilmore Girls, when Rory dedicated her valedictorian speech to Lorelai.

30. When Schmidt and Cece got married on New Girl.

31. And finally, on How I Met Your Mother, when Barney met his daughter for the first time.

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Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.