43 "Heartstopper" Reactions That Prove It's One Of The Best New Netflix Shows Right Now

    Joe Locke and Kit Connor understood the entire Heartstopper assignment.

    🚨 There are some BIG spoilers ahead for Heartstopper Season 1! 🚨

    I've been patiently waiting for Heartstopper to hit Netflix, and now that it's finally here, I am simply obsessed.

    Based on Alice Oseman's beloved graphic novels and comics, Heartstopper tells the story of Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and Nick Nelson (Kit Connor), who are navigating high school and their new feelings for each other. Alice also wrote all eight episodes of Season 1.

    Just like the comics, Heartstopper is a beautiful celebration of various LGBTQ+ love stories, and it's simply perfect.

    No, seriously, it's literally perfect:

    Season one's 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes

    I can't stop thinking about how much I adore this show, so if you've watched it and are obsessed with these characters and this flawless cast (I want to be best friends with all of them), here are 43 wholesome and hilarious reactions to Heartstopper Season 1:


    This. This is why we did it. https://t.co/J81Tj5WyZK

    @kit_connor / Netflix / Via Twitter: @kit_connor


    @hrtstoppermalec / Netflix / NBC / Via Twitter: @hrtstoppermalec


    Alongside Tao's letterboxd I also need Isaac's Goodreads #Heartstopper #HeartstopperNetflix

    @Jean3940 / Netflix / Via Twitter: @Jean3940


    heartstopper spoilers // exactly #Heartstopper

    @songofachiIle / Netflix / Via Twitter: @songofachiIle


    Heartstopper taught me that "Hi" can be the most romantic word in the English language.

    @netflix / Netflix / Via Twitter: @netflix


    no no you dont understand they are everything to me #heartstopper

    @lilialakes / Netflix / Via Twitter: @lilialakes


    I feel we are not talking about this parallel enough and I have a lot of feelings @AliceOseman #Heartstopper

    @thefrizz13 / Netflix / Via Twitter: @thefrizz13


    ten out of ten i fear #Heartstopper

    @buckIeydiaz / Netflix / Via Twitter: @buckIeydiaz


    the butterflies signifying tao's realisation of his crush for elle is just so wonderful... pls give me a s2 just so i can see taoelle as a couple 💓 #heartstopper

    @isixinci / Netflix / Via Twitter: @isixinci


    i wanna be held the way nick nelson holds charlie spring

    @hrtstopped / Netflix / Via Twitter: @hrtstopped


    just thinking about how ben didn’t even want charlie to GREET him in public yet nick nelson ran up to charlie and took his hands in his while while the whole school was watching him…

    @taoeIIe / Netflix / Via Twitter: @taoeIIe


    if nick nelson has a million fans, i‘m one of them. if nick nelson has ten fans, i‘m one of them. if neck nelson has one fan, it‘s me. if nick nelson has zero fans, i‘m dead. if the world is against nick nelson, i am against the world. #heartstopper

    @crueliability / Netflix / Via Twitter: @crueliability


    thank you #heartstopper for giving us nick nelson. for giving bisexual people such healthy representation. to see him figure himself out, understand he is bi and tell his mum on his own terms in his own time and for her to just hug him

    @nelsonsprjng / Netflix / Via Twitter: @nelsonsprjng


    the most real thing ever been put in a show #heartstopper

    @bestofpotc / Netflix / Disney / Via Twitter: @bestofpotc


    shout out to nick nelson for being the best boyfriend in cinematic history #heartstopper

    @francesjanvi3r / Netflix / Via Twitter: @francesjanvi3r


    my favorite genre of men: nick nelson

    @narliekisses / Netflix / Via Twitter: @narliekisses


    This scene lives in my head rent-free #heartstopper

    @xhvnsb/ Netflix / Via Twitter: @xhvnsb


    Kit Connor be like "i would like to audition for Charlie Spring" my brother in Christ you are Nick Nelson

    @imHeartstopper / Alice Oseman / Hodder Books / Via Twitter: @imHeartstopper


    it’s unreal to me that heartstopper was joe’s first acting job, the way he portrayed charlie was unreal >>

    @FOREVERNlCK / Via Twitter: @FOREVERNlCK


    can we please give some love and appreciation to joe locke?? it’s his first on screen role and his acting + portrayal of charlie spring was so beyond perfect, the level of emotional he was able to achieve + evoke was incredible

    @loverneIson / Via Twitter: @loverneIson


    This was Olivia Colman’s audition for HEARTSTOPPER https://t.co/hLenGcBiRY

    @ZoeRoseBryant / Via Twitter: @ZoeRoseBryant


    olivia colman in #Heartstopper is literally this 🥹 personified

    @colmansfilm / Netflix / Via Twitter: @colmansfilm


    he actually did it 😭😭 #Heartstopper

    @Iedtasso / Netflix / Via Twitter: @Iedtasso


    have i already mentioned that tara and darcy are my favorite people ever #Heartstopper

    @taowille / Netflix / Via Twitter: @taowille


    #Heartstopper spoilers . . . . . this scene is so important and well done, two queer woman finally deciding not to hide their relationship anymore and Nick looking at them with this look of pure joy <3

    @hoaxxcorp / Netflix / Via Twitter: @hoaxxcorp


    Me everytime Tara and Darcy show up onscreen #HeartstopperNetflix #Heartstopper

    @BlueLvjy / TruTV / Via Twitter: @BlueLvjy


    outta the way, got a new ship to yearn for

    @Most / Netflix / Via Twitter: @Most


    i just saw someone say they think tao made his hair like that to prove that the hair wasn’t the problem, it was just the school being transphobic towards Elle 🥲 gonna go cry now

    @willesimaug / Netflix / Via Twitter: @willesimaug


    heartstopper spoiler so elle could tell that tara likes darcy and nick likes charlie but cant tell that tao likes her LMAO ELLE OPEN YOUR EYES

    @solsfilm / Netflix / Via Twitter: @solsfilm


    #Heartstopper spoiler . . . . LOVE THE PARALLELS

    @wonderxboy / Netflix / Via Twitter: @wonderxboy


    @lilialakes / Netflix / Alice Oseman / Hodder Books / Via Twitter: @lilialakes


    // heartstopper spoilers #heartstopper RAIN SCENE YOU WILL FOREVER BE ICONIC

    @GUNSTHETlC / Netflix / Alice Oseman / Hodder Books / Via Twitter: @GUNSTHETlC


    #Heartstopper spoilers this is probably my favorite scene in the show. it’s raw and emotional - the way charlie finally lets his feelings out and tori listens to him and tells him that he’s not ruining her life.. their bond is unique, i want to see more of them

    @pathrocIus / Netflix / Via Twitter: @pathrocIus


    seeing so many people loving the ❤️💙 corridor scene makes me really happy because it's a completely new non-comic scene and i fully rewrote it one week before we shot it 😂

    @AliceOseman / Via Twitter: @AliceOseman


    i want teachers like this. #heartstopper

    @cjcarterr03 / Netflix / Via Twitter: @cjcarterr03


    @lia_airbender / Netflix / Via Twitter: @lia_airbender


    Good morning i think im gonna go rewatch heartstopper

    @Beaaverr_ / Alice Oseman / Hodder Books / Via Twitter: @Beaaverr_


    @abrahamtgs / Via Twitter: @abrahamtgs


    yeah imma need twelve more seasons, six spinoffs, a live action concert, and three movies #Heartstopper

    @brujaxwiccan / Netflix / Via Twitter: @brujaxwiccan


    wait i had ti do this before i slept LOL #Heartstopper

    @crankyadrian / Via Twitter: @crankyadrian


    leave him alone he just finished heartstopper #Heartstopper

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    can we agree that #Heartstopper

    @GUNSTHETlC / Netflix / NBC / Alice Osman / Hodder Books / Via Twitter: @GUNSTHETlC

    43. And in conclusion:

    heartstopper is an queer show made for and by queer people and i fucking love it

    @chronicintp / Via Twitter: @chronicintp

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    Heartstopper Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix.