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    31 Emotional TV Lines That Were So Well-Written, They Still Make Us Break Down In Tears

    Elizabeth Olsen repeating "I can't feel you" in WandaVision is still devastating.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us some of the saddest TV quotes of all time. Here are some of the best responses:

    There are massive spoilers ahead!

    1. First, on The Haunting of Hill House, when Nell talked to the rest of the Crain siblings in the Red Room.

    Nell saying, "The rest is confetti"

    "I have three sisters and a brother, so making sure they know that I love them is definitely something I would want to do in that situation."


    2. On Boy Meets World, when Mr. Feeny said goodbye to his class one final time.

    Mr. Feeny saying, "I love you all. Class dismissed"

    Suggested by: kathleenanne13579

    3. On The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when Will broke down in tears over his dad leaving again.

    Will asking Uncle Phil, "How come he don't want me, man?"

    "I only just saw this Fresh Prince episode, and it just dropped me."


    4. On WandaVision, when Wanda couldn't feel Vision anymore after seeing his body.

    Wanda using her magic on Vision and repeating, "I can't feel you"
    Marvel / Disney+

    "This was so emotional and a great callback to Vision's line in Infinity War. It was also really well acted by Elizabeth Olsen."


    5. And on Squid Game, when Ji-yeong let Sae-byeok win the marble game and then thanked Sae-byeok for playing with her.

    Ji-yeong telling Sae-byeok "Thank you for playing with me"

    Suggested by: hcpsbergerwg

    6. On Supernatural, when Castiel said goodbye to Dean right before he died.

    Cas saying "Goodbye, Dean" before being overtaken by black goo
    The CW

    "Not 'I love you,' though that's close, but 'Goodbye.' All the times Cas and Dean parted ways, that was never said. You know it's for good this time, and Dean's powerless to stop it. I'm just a sobbing mess by that point."


    7. On 9-1-1, when Buck and Maddie had dinner with their parents and he said they should've been there no matter what.

    Buck saying, "Love me anyway"

    Suggested by: heatheripock

    8. On Lucifer, when Trixie asked Lucifer if Dan was really dead because she knew he wouldn't lie to her.


    "I'm welling up now just thinking about it."


    9. On Parenthood, when Max was upset that all of the kids on his field trip made fun of him and one of them peed in his canteen.


    "That scene is heartbreaking. Just remembering it makes me wanna cry."


    10. On Scrubs, when Carla heartbreakingly said goodbye to Laverne before she died.

    Carla saying "But most of all, you've been my friend"

    "UGHHHH, I'm crying just thinking about it. That show is a fucking masterpiece."


    11. On Fleabag, when the Priest told Fleabag to move on after she said, "I love you."

    Prime Video

    "Honestly, Season 2 of Fleabag is an absolute masterpiece, and I cannot recommend it enough."


    12. On Merlin, when Arthur said his final words to Merlin before he died.


    "I absolutely sob every time I think about this quote."


    13. On One Day at a Time, when Elena told Alex what she really wanted to say at their dad's wedding and how much it still hurts that their dad didn't accept her after she came out.


    "Pretty much any time Elena is talking about her dad on One Day at a Time, but this one gets me. All of Elena's lines really hit home for me so that made them very emotional, and Isabella Gómez’s delivery of these lines is just perfect."


    14. On The Mandalorian, when Mando said goodbye to Grogu, aka Baby Yoda, after Luke arrived to take him away.

    Mando saying, "Alright, pal. It's time to go. Don't be afraid"

    Suggested by: adriennec1

    15. On The Umbrella Academy, when Ben asked Vanya to be with him before he disappeared.

    Ben asking Vanya, "Can you hug me as I go?"

    "The whole scene makes me cry, but this line just breaks my heart every time."


    16. On The Golden Girls, when Sophia mourned her son, Phil, after finding out he died.

    Sophia saying "My baby is gone"

    "Absolutely heartbreaking."


    17. On The Walking Dead, when Glenn uttered his last words to Maggie.

    Glenn saying, "Maggie, I'll find you," while Maggie weeps

    "I cried SO hard."


    18. On How I Met Your Mother, when Marshall found out his dad suddenly died.

    Marshall hugging Lily and saying, 'I'm not ready for this"

    "I can be in the happiest mood, but if I watch this scene, I ALWAYS tear up. His reaction when Lily tells him and the delivery of that single line is heartbreaking."


    19. On The Good Place, when Chidi was about to have his memory wiped and he said goodbye to Eleanor.

    Chidi saying "Time means nothing. Jeremy Bearimy, baby"

    “Chidi's quote and then the montage with Chidi and Eleanor where we see all the times they fell in love throughout the reboots. That shit HURTS."


    20. On Stranger Things, when Eleven reads Hopper's letter and he reminds her to leave the door open.

    Hopper's letter saying "Keep the door open three inches" and Eleven crying

    "The letter is so sad, but it ends with this one amazing and heartbreaking line."


    21. On Wynonna Earp, when Doc wrote a simple note to Wynonna after finding out she was pregnant.

    Wynonna crying over Doc's note, which says, "I am all in"

    "I'm kind of cheating with this one, since the first time 'I am all in' was used was in writing, but this simple phrase makes me cry every single time."


    22. On Angel, when Illyria appeared as Fred while Wesley was dying during the series finale.

    Illyria saying, "Would you like me to lie to you now?"
    Warner Bros.

    "It's been 17 years, and I'm crying just thinking about it."


    23. On Teen Wolf, when Stiles told Lydia he loved her right before disappearing.

    Stiles saying "Remember I love you"

    "Honestly, any sad line of Stiles' breaks my heart, but this one was the most heartbreaking for me."


    24. On Chicago Fire, when Herrmann gave a speech to Dawson after she miscarried about how she was like a daughter to him.

    Herrmann saying "One more girl that I didn't expect"

    "When Herrmann started giving his speech about how he was blessed with five kids and a daughter he never expected, and she would become the best dang mom in the universe when the time was right, I SOBBED. Coming from a family that has a history of miscarriages and difficult pregnancies really hit hard, and it will always stand out to me as a heartbreaking, sob-worthy moment on TV."


    25. On Midnight Mass, when Riley rowed Erin out into the middle of the ocean and she was forced to watch him burn up in the sun.

    Riley telling Erin "I did my best"

    "Midnight Mass gutted me when Riley died. So sudden, beautiful, and horrifying all at once. A scene I will never forget. Erin’s screams carrying on as the credits rolled was intense. The music, the visuals, OMG. Just heart-wrenching."


    26. On Doctor Who, when the Tenth Doctor was about to regenerate, but he wasn't ready.

    The Tenth Doctor standing inside the TARDIS and saying, "I don't want to go"
    BBC America

    "This still makes me sob after all this time."


    27. On Bones, when Vincent Nigel Murray begged Bones to not let him go as he was dying.

    Vincent saying "Please don't make me leave"

    Suggested by: thegingerelizabeth

    28. On Invincible, when Mark told his dad, Omni Man, that he would always have him.

    Mark saying, "You dad. I'd still have you"
    Prime Video

    "Omni Man asked Mark what he’ll have after 500 years and Mark responded with this line. I lost it."


    29. On One Tree Hill, when Jimmy told Keith that he just wanted everyone at school to like him.

    Jimmy saying, "I wanted them to like me"
    The CW

    Suggested by: lizzieannl

    30. On Gilmore Girls, when Christopher came back to talk to Lorelai after breaking up with her following Sherry's pregnancy announcement.

    Lorelai saying, "Standing here right now is killing me, okay"
    Warner Bros

    "Lauren Graham is such a phenomenal actor and there are some amazing dramatic scenes on that show but this scene always stands out to me."


    31. And finally, on The 100, whenever anyone said, "May we meet again."

    Clarke and Lincoln saying "May we meet again"
    The CW

    "This line would have been perfect to use again in a beautiful and sad way in the end of the show and they just...didn’t."


    We can't fit everything into one post, so tell us which other TV quotes broke your heart in the comments below!

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.